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10 Ways To Keep Yourself Occupied During The Long Winter

10 ways to occupy yourself this winter

Christmas is past and the new year is beginning. The long winter still stretches ahead of us. For many of us, it includes cold temperatures, snow, and ice.

But let's not sit around and sulk about it. Let's get some stuff done. Winter will seem to go by faster if we keep busy.

1. Freshen up a room or two in your house with fresh paint — a whole new color scheme. If at all possible, maybe a new rug or curtains. Even just some pretty throw pillows.

A fresh new look to a room can brighten up that long winter.

2. If painting a room is something you can't get done right now. How about a major cleaning and reorganizing of a room. That can keep one busy plus bring a great feeling of accomplishment.

3. Make a date to do lunch or a movie once a week with a friend. Or even just a coffee date. Something that you can look forward to each week.

4. Pick out some new movies or series to watch on Netflix. I am one of those who doesn't take advantage of Netflix. Winter seems like the perfect time to take advantage of it.

I was skimming through the Netflix offerings, and I found a few that looked interesting.

The Haunting of Hill House

Mind Hunter

El Camino

Private Life

I will be taking a closer look at these.

5. How about mid-winter hosting a family potluck? It's an excellent way to keep in touch with some of the family that maybe you haven't been in contact with since the holidays.

Good food and good company on a winter afternoon make for an enjoyable afternoon.

6. Maybe a daily walk outside. I can't believe I just said that. I am not a winter person. But bundling up and taking a walk in the snow might be just the way to get in the whole winter spirit.

7. Now, if you are not thrilled by taking a walk in the snow, maybe sitting by a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book might be more suited for you. Sounds perfect to me. Much better than the walk. But I do plan on trying to get outside a bit more this winter.

8. Maybe start an exercise program. Find some exercise DVD's or Youtube Videos and get moving. Once winter is over and we are heading into your summer, you will be so happy you spent that time exercising.

9. Plan, research, and save for a summer get-away. That is something to look forward too. It doesn't have to be a week or more excursion. Even a long weekend away is something you can look forward to.

10. Put together a jigsaw puzzle. Find a sturdy mat to build the puzzle on so that you can move it out the way when necessary. Pick a large enough puzzle, and you will be busy all winter.

So, I hope you will find one or two things here that may make your cold, snowy winter a bit better.

A little bit better is all I can hope for. Summer can't get here fast enough for me.

Walking in a winter wonderland.


Jan 16, 2020

Hi Cheryl, Enjoyed reading your ideas for 10 ways to keep yourself occupied during the long winter. It's wonderful weather here in Tucson, AZ yet I love to wind down in the evening with a relaxing (not horror or violent) video. We get ours through our library streaming program. Have a cozy winter and know that I saw it at #MLSTL and I'm sharing this post on SM. Nancy Andres @ Colors 4 Health


Jan 16, 2020

Hi Cheryl - lovely to have you link up with us. I always get a kick out of reading Winter posts because we're in the middle of a really hot Aussie Summer atm. I'm a big fan of jigsaw puzzles, coffee dates, and staying inside when the weather is freezing or boiling - so some of these tips still apply.

Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I've shared on my SM 😊

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