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12 Steps To Keeping Your Home Company Ready.

Ever been in the situation of unexpected company arriving and your house is anything but company ready. You felt a bit embarrassed by the clutter and dirty dishes. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Or maybe you’re finding it hard to relax because you can’t seem to keep up with things around the house. I mean who can rest when things are piled up around you. I think we can all agree when our home is looking good we feel a whole lot better. More at peace and able to relax.

Here are to 10 steps you can take to make your home presentable and company ready.

1. Forget perfection. Let’s settle for presentable. I like to walk into someone’s home and immediately feel welcome. The place is homey feeling, lived in but neat.

Not a sterile environment. We all love to look at the beautifully decorated pictures in magazines of perfect rooms. But can you honestly imagine living in a home that never has anything out of place? It’s just totally unrealistic.

2. Get Rid Of Clutter. Hard to have a neat looking home if you have things cluttering tables and counters. That is not warm and cozy it’s cluttered and messy. Now, I’m not saying that a book and a cup sitting on the coffee table is cluttered. That is just showing that someone lives in the house. Now five or six cups left on the coffee table for days would be a whole different spin on things.

But if you have things in your home that manage to accumulate in certain areas of the house, they need a place to go. Maybe hooks inside the entry for backpacks and coats. A basket for winter mittens and hats get rid of the newspapers and magazines. Get rid of or find a way to control the daily clutter.

3. Put Things Away. Get in the habit of putting things away when you are finished with them. It only takes a few seconds and will make your job of having a presentable house that much easier. Put the hairbrush away, hang up the towel in the bathroom. If you used the hand mixer when you were in the kitchen. Wipe it off and put it away. Little things like that can make a huge difference.

4. Make your Bed. A neatly made bed immediately makes the bedroom look nice and tidy.

5. Keep your kitchen counters cleared off and your dishes washed. Nothing looks worse than the kitchen sink piled with dirty dishes and the counter area loaded down with who knows what.

6. Sweep kitchen floor daily. Sweeping your kitchen floor of any crumbs and dust puts the finishing touch on your kitchen. It should now be presentable.

7. Put Your Clothes Away. Take a few seconds and hang up your clothes when you take them off. Or if they need to go in the laundry toss them in the dirty clothes hamper.

8. Hang Up Your Coats. I can personally attest to the need for that. I have found coats over the backs of every one of my dining room chairs. I am pretty sure it wouldn’t take any longer to put them on an actual hanger and put them away in the entryway closet.

9. Keep The Dusting And Vacuuming Done. We have two cats and a dog, so vacuuming is pretty much necessary around here on a daily basis.

10. Bathrooms do a quick daily cleaning. Wipe up of sink and vanity. Swish and clean the toilet. And don't forget the mirror. Do this daily.

11. Cobwebs. Very important to look up once in a while. And while you are looking up don’t forget that occasionally you need to dust off the tops of the doorways.

12. Take the time to do a 10-minute walk through of your home both in the morning and evening for a general pick up.

Now your house is presentable. Sure, there is more cleaning that homes need. Floors washed. And the usual deep cleaning required on a regular schedule. But with your daily pickups done, it’s that much easier to do the other chores.

While it’s nice to have your house ready for guests, the more important fact is that your home is family ready. It’s more comfortable and inviting — a place to relax and enjoy each other’s company.


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