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8 Reasons I Am Not A Fan Of Autumn

Fall colors.

Reasons Why I Am Not A Fan Of Autumn

I know a lot of people who genuinely love fall. They look forward to it. I am not one of those people. I love the summer. That is my season.

1. It seems like when we have barely started enjoying the month of August; people are already touting all the so-called wonderful things that they love about fall. Please, can we enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer?

2. Everything turns brown and dies. Yes, the leaves are beautiful when they change to the vibrant orange and yellow colors. But then the leaves are gone, and the trees are bare. Everything is just brown and dead looking.

3. The cooler temperatures. I much prefer the warmer or even hot temperatures of summer. The cooler temperatures are just a warning of the cold, cold winter temperatures.

4. It gets dark earlier. And it feels dark and dreary and cold.

5. And all the gourds and cornstalks that somehow find their way to people's yards and porches. What is that all about?

6. I am not a fan of pumpkin spice anything. Well, except for pumpkin pie. But I don't drink pumpkin spice anything! You can keep those pumpkin lattes all to yourself. No to pumpkin seeds. And I especially do not want anything pumpkin flavor that is covered in chocolate. Chocolate and pumpkin is a big no!

7. Why must the stores bring out the Christmas merchandise before they have even marked down the Halloween candy that didn't sell?

8. When fall arrives, we have to pile on the layers of clothing. Hoodies and bulky sweaters are now the required mode of fashion.

Fall will be gone so quickly, and then we are left to get through winter. And once winter settles in, I will begin my count down to summer.

But for those of you who love the season and all that it brings. Enjoy. Happy Autumn to you.

Do you enjoy autumn or is there another season that is your favorite?


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