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A Few Of My Favorite Blogs That Inspire Me To Keep On Blogging


A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

A few years ago, I didn't know what blogging was. Today, I am trying to learn as much about it as I can. If I look back to when I started my blog, I can see I have made quite a bit of progress. But I still have a long way to go.

This old gal doesn't have all the know-how so many younger people have, but I keep trudging along learning something new now and then. Sometimes, I even amaze myself. And then other times, I sit feeling somewhat confused. But it's all good. I'm using my brain and learning new things.

Sure sometimes, I feel a bit discouraged. But that is when I go blog hopping. Blog hopping, not bar hopping. I guess both blog and bar hopping can be fun. There are so many different blogs to check out. I have a notebook full of blogs that I visit regularly.

Many of them educate me, and some of them inspire me. I have a few that I am always checking out—sort of my go-to blogs.

Three of my go-to blogs-

is one of my favorite Lifestyle blogs to go to when seeking some inspiration and knowledge. I have been following Gabby's blog for quite some time. And in the last few months, she has been going full-steam ahead. This gal seems unstoppable. Her blog looks great, and her content is some of the best. She inspires me to work on improving my content. She offers printables and Pinterest services. Check it out.

is relatively new to me. I think the whole look of the blog is what caught my attention. Maybe I have a preference for specific layouts. But I do like the look of this blog. It's light and bright and easy to read. It's also easy to navigate. Categories are typical of my interests—life, style and blogging, and travel. She has a nice mix of categories.

Tidbits of Care features Lifestyle, blogging, and self-care, which are the topics that interest me. If you are looking for posts that deal with self-care and anxiety, be sure to visit her blog. And yes, I love the look of her blog.

There is just something about paying a visit to a favorite blog that motivates me to keep going. It's like enjoying a visit with a friend. You always feel so good after your visit. I get inspired to keep moving and working on improvements in all aspects of my blog.

I don't have any lofty blogging goals. My current plan is to improve my content and get more traffic to my site—maybe someday lofty goals. Blogging keeps me thinking and my brain working. Every little bit of progress gives me a bit of a boost—simple small pleasures for a simple little blogger. I am happy.

So check out the blogs I mentioned; you won't regret it. Many of you may already be fans of their blogs.

Always looking for blogs to check out, so send me some of your favorites.


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03 ene 2021

Hi Cheryl! Welcome to the world of blogging! Having been at it for almost three years, I can tell you that it is still a learning process! Let me know if you ever have any questions. xo

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