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Being A Bad Ass Older Woman

Classy Badass Older Woman

Being A Bad Ass Older Woman

"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants."

Coco Chanel

"Strong women don't have 'attitudes', we have standards." Marilyn Monroe

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When I first started thinking of writing about Badass women, I briefly had this vision of an older woman on a Harley with a black leather jacket and bright red lipstick. That would be kick-ass.

We have a new generation of older women. And many, I think, fit into the badass category. A badass woman is classy but with a no-nonsense attitude.

What makes a badass woman? A badass woman knows who she is and what she wants. She stands up for herself. She doesn't let age define her.

She keeps a sense of humor. Humor is vitally essential for a strong woman. The ability to laugh at yourself is a great trait to have.

A badass woman is a woman who doesn't put up with anyone disrespecting her. Don't ever let anyone disrespect you. And indeed, no one should ever disrespect you because of your age. And let them know that in no uncertain terms.

Badass women don't worry about getting old. They embrace it. They have set their minds to be the best older woman possible. There is no point in telling her that she can't do something. She will prove you wrong.

Confidence is key to being a badass woman. Most of us are glad to be through with the insecurities we struggled through in our younger years. We have raised our families and are ready to live by our rules. Do what we didn't have time for when raising our families and working. It is now our time. We are in charge of our destiny.

Badass older women do not sit around lamenting their wrinkles and gray hair. They don't give any thought to the grey in their hair. They put on some lipstick, color their hair pink or purple, and do something fun.

Health and well being is even more critical now. Exercise and eating healthy are at the top of the list. Badass women can't be badass if they don't have the energy to do those things that are important to them.

They don't follow any rules about what older women should be wearing. They wear what they like, as we all should. They dress for themselves, not for others.

Some women were badasses when they were younger, and they don't plan on becoming meek and well-behaved in old age. Remember, age is just a number.

So go ahead, be a little badass. You have earned that right.

Badass older women on motorcycle
Badass Older Lady

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