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Can't Get Motivated to Clean? Three Easy Ideas to try.

There are days, I just can't get motivated to do much of anything around the house. You know those days when you would rather sit and read a book, or would rather be doing something on the computer.

We all have those days. And the end result is we feel like our day was wasted. At least, that's how I usually feel.

it's even hard to enjoy reading when you know some things need doing. So what are you going to do?

Well, I have this little game, I play with "Alexa." I have Alexa set a timer for ten minutes, and I read. When the ten minutes is up, I put the book aside.

I have Alexa set another timer for ten minutes. And in this ten minutes, I do a quick clean up in say the bathroom. And then the timer gets set for another ten minutes. And another room gets a quick clean up.

So in a matter of thirty minutes, I have accomplished a quick clean up in two rooms and read a chapter in my book.

My feeling is that it was a good thirty minutes.

If I don't feel like playing the game with the timer, I get up and go through each room of the house, picking up anything that is out of place. Usually takes about 20 minutes. And once again you have results that you can see.

Another thing I like to do is go through and gather up anything in those hot spots every house seems to have. You know these areas that seem to have a magnet that pulls in all those items like our keys and purse (my dining room table) or those chairs that end with someone's jacket on the back of them. Or the kitchen counters that always end up with items that don't probably even belong in the kitchen. So taking ten minutes and clearing up those areas can make a big difference.

Working on little tasks for a few minutes does give me a feeling of accomplishment. And it really does make a difference in the look of my home. And most times, it leads to me being motivated to do a few more tasks.

Many times, I have gone several rounds cleaning and reading with Alexa setting my timers. I enjoyed my reading and still managed to get some things accomplished.


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