• Cheryl T

My Christmas Tree Skirt Finds On Amazon

My Three Favorite Christmas Tree Skirts On Amazon

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I've been thinking about getting a new Christmas tree skirt. It's way past time. I have been using the same one for years. It's become a tradition or habit. Not sure which it is, but tradition sounds better. But sometimes traditions need to be shaken up a bit and periodically replaced with new traditions. So this is the year of the new Christmas tree skirt.

So I have been searching on Amazon and have narrowed my search down to three. Sadly, I am getting so I would prefer to shop online than go out in cold weather. I know sooner or later, I will have to accept cold weather is not something I can ignore. After all, it's going to be here for a few months. But it's just so easy to sit in the warm house and shop.

I like all of them, but leaning toward the first one. What do you think? Since I want to get my tree up in the next week, I will have to hit the check out button on Amazon rather quickly.