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Enjoying Time Alone

Time Alone

I love being with people, but I also love alone time. I am happy either way. I enjoy the benefits of both.

I consider myself a people person. I love being with people, laughing over lunch, and having a glass of wine. I love family gatherings. I mean is there anything better than socializing with friends and family? Time with grandchildren is always an excellent way to spend my time.

But, I also love alone time. Time to do anything I want or nothing at all.

I think the alone time is why I enjoy my early mornings so much. It's just me and my thoughts.

To some people, the very idea of alone time sounds just awful. But, they should give it a try. Set aside some time to be alone. They might find out how good it can feel to sit in quiet solitude. Calm and peaceful is good for the soul.

Things I don't mind doing alone.

I have no problem going to one of my favorite places to eat by

myself. I enjoy taking my Kindle and eating my lunch while reading.

I have even on occasion, gone to a movie all by myself.

Taking walks alone can be very enjoyable. No conversation, just taking in the outdoors.

Benefits of time alone:

It's relaxing-No pressure.

Makes me happy-I can't explain it, but alone time makes me happy.

It is a sense of freedom-Free to do what you want. No one around to ask you, 'what are you doing?'.

Some of my best thinking happens when I am alone.

I am more productive-It is so much easier to get things accomplished when you are by yourself. No distractions.

Time to plan-Your day, your week, your goals, your life in general. I love planning.

Still not sure alone is for you? Why not just try easing into it. Maybe set aside a portion of time to sit and think. Let your mind wander to all the options of time alone — time to sit quietly without interruption and read.

Any hobby you enjoy that you do alone? Or hobbies you have been considering taking up?

Alone time is your time. Keep that in mind. Alone time is for whatever you need it to be.

I find that a combination of alone time and socializing to be a perfect balance. Working both into your life makes for a satisfying way of life.

Would love to hear how others enjoy their alone time.

Or your reasons why you prefer not to indulge in alone time.


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