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Four Of My Favorite Stores

1. Target-

Almost everyone loves Target. And Target has made some changes. I guess you could say; they classed it up some. Everything looks more stylish. The displays are more attractive and eye-catching. I have noticed that they carry more make-up brands than they used to. I might have to try one of the new brands. Step out of my comfort zone a bit.

Target also features Hearth & Home with Magnolia decor. (Fixer Upper television series)

But the first thing I check out when I enter Target is the dollar spot. Always some fun kids things, and I love the seasonal decor they have. I mean the price is right- $1-$3. Can't beat that.

Targets Up & Up brand seems to be quite popular. I have only used the Up&Up ibuprofen. But I know a lot of people who use a lot of Up&Up Health and beauty products. I have always been sort of a name brand person, but I think I will start giving some of the store brands a try.

2. TJ Maxx-

I first started shopping at TJ Maxx for the storage bins and containers. I have a slight obsession with bins and containers. I also discovered the notebooks and notepads that I love so much. Yes, another passion of mine. I never make a trip to TJ Maxx without purchasing a few of the stationery items.

Sometimes they have my daughter's favorite muddy bears. I love gummi bears but had never heard of muddy bears. Turns out they are chocolate covered gummi bears. Sounds like of weird, but I found they can be addicting. Thankfully, I don't always see them at TJ Maxx.

I love the low prices on the Justice brand of clothing for my granddaughters. You can also find some great inexpensive make-up deals now and then. On my next trip to TJ Maxx, I am going to check out some clothes for myself.

I have to prepare for the closing of my favorite clothing store. Dressbarn is closing all five hundred of their stores. So sad. But anyway, a perfect reason to start shopping for my own clothes at TJ Maxx.

3. Home Goods-

Always new things to discover at Home Goods. I don't think I have ever walked out of the store without purchasing something. The selection is always changing. If you don't find what you are looking for just come back in a few days. You can always find new and exciting items to see at Home Goods.

4. At Home-

It carries just about anything for your home. You will find home decor, furniture, patio furniture, dishes, towels, linens, etc. Just about anything you can imagine for your home. Great selections. Wear your walking shoes; it is a huge store. If this is your kind of store, plan to spend some time there. It's not the kind of store you will be able to just run in for one little item. You will want to browse through it all. They also always have a wide variety of Holiday decor.

If you need it, they most likely have it.

It is quite easy to spend a bit of money when in this store. So many things to choose from.

So those are four of my favorite stores. I don't require a reason to go to any of them, other than I just want to go. And chances are I will find something at all of them. I never come home, empty-handed.

Shopping can be fun.


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