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Get In Your Thirty Minutes Of Daily Walking-Indoors Or Outdoors. Just Do It!

Get In Your Thirty Minutes Of Daily Walking-Indoors Or Outdoors. Just Do It!

"Walking is the favorite sport of the good and wise."

A. L. Rowse

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Walking is my preferred exercise. One of the best things about walking for exercise is that there is no special equipment required. Just lace up your walking shoes and commit to walking. It's good for your whole body.

Spring and summer, I love to take an early morning walk in the park. We have a great park not too far from our home. It's nice to smile and say 'good morning' to my fellow morning walkers.

We live on nine acres, so we have plenty of places to walk at home. And it makes for a nice place to walk also. (although I have a fear of snakes). But I still prefer the park's level paved areas and of course I enjoy the company of other walkers.

Nothing beats a good walk in the park with the sun shining and mild temperatures. But I live in Michigan, so walking in the park becomes a little challenging in the winter. I am not a fan of cold and snow. And I am certainly not motivated to get out and walk when the wind is blowing and snowflakes are flurrying around.

But we should never let the weather keep us from getting our daily exercise. Neither rain nor snow should keep us from our daily walks. There are some excellent alternatives to walking outside. And we should take advantage of them.

One of the most popular ways of walking inside is the treadmill. Sadly, my treadmill has passed on. It just quit on me one day. I do plan on getting another one someday soon.

But my favorite alternative to walking on a treadmill has become walking at home videos. When I first heard of walking at home videos, I admit I was puzzled by the very idea. How exactly did one walk at home indoors?

I eventually got around to trying it, and you know what, it's fun and enjoyable, and it's good for you. It truly is a good workout. You get your heart rate up

and you are burning calories.

There are lots of free YouTube walking videos. I started with Leslie Sansone.

Leslie Sansone -

Nick Drago-

Nick has appeared along aside of both Leslie Sansone and Jillian Michaels.

Nick is a dancer, writer, and producer.

I enjoy doing both the Leslie and Nick videos.

But I think my favorite would be Nick. Sorry to say, but sometimes I find Leslie a bit annoying.

So between the option of walking outdoors in good weather and the options of walking inside at other times, there is no excuse for not getting in your steps.

What is your preferred way of getting in your steps?

"Walking brings me back to myself."

Laurette Mortimer

"Walking is man's best medicine."



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