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Getting Older Does Have Benefits.

I was once asked, how I felt about getting old. I was in my fifties at the time, and I didn’t consider being in my fifties as old. So, I couldn’t come up with an answer then.

Thinking of that question today and being in my sixties now, my reply would be that I feel pretty good about it.

Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m in my sixties. But then, what are the sixties supposed to feel like? But even if I hated, just hated getting old, well it sure beats the hell out of the alternative.

I am fortunate at this point to be in good health. Knock on wood. My body is aging, but so far it hasn’t thrown me any nasty curves. But I refuse to worry about what those curves may be and when they will suddenly and unexpectedly show up. I prefer to focus on the present time.

The best thing we can do as we get older is to embrace it. I want to spend the rest of my life living not talking about the past and my younger years but instead about making new memories. Yes, I said new memories. Not just for me, but my kids and grandchildren.

There are lots of benefits to aging. Sometimes we have to look for them. Some are more obvious than others.

One huge benefit is grandchildren if you are lucky enough to have them. They are the new improved version of children. You get to spoil them and then send them home.

Studies show that older people have less stress and are more content with their lives.

More time for family and new hobbies. A chance to do some of the things we never had time for before.

Our priorities are more on the significant things in our lives such as family and friends.

We don’t care about what people think about us. We are more confident in ourselves.

And then there are the senior discounts. There are too many to list, but below are a few examples of the discounts available to seniors.



Chili’s 10 % senior discount 55+

Denny’s varies by location. 15% for AARP members

Dairy Queen 10% off for seniors varies by location.

IHOP Discount senior menu 55+

Kohl’s 15 % off on Wednesdays 60+

Subway 10% off 60+ varies by location.


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