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Here's What I've Been Up To.

Here is what I've been doing lately.

This week, I have been working on a blogging schedule. I have come up with topics for the next month and a half. My goal is to try and have several months of blog topics planned ahead of time. I have set the dates for when I will post them. And I have photos ready to go with the posts. I feel organized. Feels kind of strange. Organized is not a feeling that I have associated with blogging. Feels pretty damn good, though! I could get used to this.

I also started work on my vacation list. I know it's still around ten weeks until vacation, but I do believe in planning ahead of time. I wouldn't want to forget anything. Although my husband is always pointing out that they do have stores, so forgetting some little thing apparently will not ruin our vacation. I am not yet convinced.

I have also been doing some complaining about the weather. We need less rain and much more sun. So far, my complaining has not had any effect on the weather. But, I will continue complaining. You never know, it might work.

I have finished reading books1-5 of the D.K Hood- Detectives Kane and Alton series. I enjoyed the books, but part of me by the third book was screaming get out of that town. Run as fast as you can. How many serial killers and evil criminals can one city or one police force deal with? I mean, really at what point does this seem a little much? But guess what, I pre-ordered the sixth book in the series. I am just as crazy as the people and law enforcement in that town. I am going another round with Kane and Alton. I do have to see if they ever manage to hook up.

So that's about all I have been doing lately. I would have to say the blogging schedule is the proudest accomplishment.

Oh wait, a minute, I almost forgot. My site views are going up. That is my greatest accomplishment, and I almost forgot to mention it. And it is so exciting. And so encouraging.


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