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Keeping Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

I don't know of too many people who enjoy cleaning the bathroom. The sight of wet towels on the floor, soap scum on the shower walls, and toothpaste in the sink, not to mention a toilet that needs cleaning, can make you wish you could just shut the bathroom door and forget about it. You know you can't do that. But with a little daily maintenance, you will be ahead of the game. Our bathroom is one room that we always want to be clean and fresh smelling. Especially so when we have guests. Am I right? You will never have to worry about your bathroom if you do your daily maintenance. So here are a few easy to do tips- Hang up your towels after each shower. If you don't have an adequate supply of towel racks, add an over the door rack or hooks. Nothing makes a bathroom look messy like wet towels on the floor or hanging haphazardly over the shower doors. And always wipe down the shower walls. Keeping the shower walls clean and wiped down will help eliminate any mold. It's also nice to step into a clean shower when it comes time to take your next shower. If you have shower doors, don't forget to wipe them down also. Making sure the bathroom floor is not wet after a shower is not only crucial for your safety but also helps keep the floor clean. There is more to cleaning the toilet than swishing the cleaner around with the toilet brush. Get down and wipe around the complete bottom of the toilet, sides, and front and back. Use a good sturdy brush to clean around the base of the toilet. We don't realize how much dirt and dust can accumulate around the toilet. Wiping out your bathroom sink every day, keeping it clear of hair and toothpaste is a must. And it only takes seconds to wipe it up. Keep things picked up and put away—no unnecessary clutter on the vanity. Small baskets or plastic bins are great for keeping our bathroom essentials, neat and tidy. Slide them in and out of the cabinet easily. And take a few seconds to clean the mirror. And don't forget to empty the trash. It doesn't hurt to take a hand vac and do a quick vacuum of the floor now and then. Your total daily time will probably not be more than 5-10 minutes. You should be able to manage that. Right? Once a week, a good cleaning of your bathroom should include a good sweeping and mopping of the floor and a good scrubbing of the shower walls. I make it a habit to spray cleaner on the shower walls and tub first thing and let it set. That allows the cleaner to get working. In the meantime, I am picking up items that need to be put away and emptying the trash. Then it's back to wiping down the shower walls. Weekly cleaning shouldn't take more than a half-hour-forty-five minutes. Of course, that will depend on the size of your bathroom. Monthly or bi-monthly, it's a good idea to check for cobwebs and an occasional washing of walls in the bathroom. And don't forget that the baseboards will need a good dusting also. If you have a shower curtain, you need to wash both the shower curtain and the liner. Have your cleaning supplies handy in a basket or carrier for easy access. You won't have to spend time gathering your supplies. And remember, a little daily swishing and wiping in your bathroom keeps it clean. Some of my favorite bathrooms cleaners- Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner with bleach Method Glass Cleaner Method Daily Shower Spray Soft Scrub With Bleach


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