• Cheryl T

Making March Goals

Morning coffee and then get to work.

I am in desperate need of setting some goals. So, here I am setting some goals for March.

Goal one: Exercise at least four times a week in March. I don't mind exercise. Sometimes, I even enjoy it. So, why is it so damn hard for me to commit and stick with a work out routine? But I am not giving up. Look out March.

Goal two: Make better food choices. Concentrate on eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Love fruits and vegetables, but that damn junk food has a hold on me.

Goal three: Water. I never drink enough water. I probably will never drink as much as the recommended amount, but I want to drink more than I have been. I do drink lots of coffee and tea though.

Goal four: Commit to working harder on my blog. Not just working harder, but working better. I am enjoying what I'm doing, but I know, I have a lot to learn, and I need to put a lot of work into it. I am well aware that my blogging skills are sadly lacking, but it's not stopping me from enjoying it. I have to admit there are times I wonder if I should give up. But why give up when I am enjoying the process. My blogging goal is to achieve at least small noticeable gains. Something that will let me know I am heading in the right direction

Off to write down my goals and get ready to track my progress.

I can do this.

Anyone else setting goals for March?