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Put A Smile On Your Face And See What Happens

Put A Smile On Your Face And See What Happens

¨A simple smile. That's the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.¨- Dalai Lama

The world could sure use more smiles. So how about sharing some of your smiles with the world? And the best thing is that smiling is good for you. It's a win, win. You make someone feel good when you share your smile with them, and it's good for you also. And do you know what else happens? Almost every time you smile at someone, they smile right back at you. Try it, you will see.

Some Benefits of smiling-

Smiling can be an instant mood booster. Yep, the simple act of forming a smile can lift your mood. Smiling releases endorphins and your mood feels much more positive. Endorphins are amazing things.

Smiling can ease stress. It might sound a bit weird, but when you start smiling, you just tricked your body into believing everything is fine.

Smiling can help you live longer and happier. With all the benefits of smiling, you can't help but be a happy, healthier person thanks to that beautiful smile and you sharing it all over the place. Studies show that happier people tend to live longer. So smile, laugh, and be happy!

Smiling looks good on you. It's a fact that we all look better when we have a smile on our faces. A smiling face is always better to look at than a sullen, grumpy-looking face. Your smile shows an attitude of confidence and well-being.

Smiling makes others happy. Smiling is contagious; it just seems like a person, without even thinking, smiles back at anyone who smiles at them. Oh, sure, now and then, you run into a grumpy person who will ignore your kind gesture. But You should keep smiling. Your smile may have very well been the best thing that happened to someone.

For some added health benefits, turn that smile into laughter. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.

For those days when you need a little help finding your smile-

How about listening to your favorite songs. Music is always a good reason to smile.

Pop your favorite chocolate into your mouth and savor the taste. I bet it will make you smile.

Tune into one of your favorite comedy series.

Spend time with a friend or family member that always manages to make you smile.

And once you have your smile back, get out there and spread it around. Remember, smiles are contagious.

And don't ever forget to appreciate all the small things each day that brings a smile to our face. Even if it's only that first cup of coffee in the morning or the warm sunshine as we walk out the door. Every little thing that brings us joy and makes us smile is well worth the effort.

"Smile at strangers, and you just might change a life.¨- Steve Maraboli

"If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours." — Unknown

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