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The Importance Of Getting Dressed For Your Day.

Get up and get dressed.

The Importance of getting dressed

Today, I suddenly realized one thing that holds me back from accomplishing things. It’s quite simple. I have to dress like I intend to get things done.

If the day ahead of me is one where I’ll be at home for the day, I cannot just throw on a pair of loose-fitting fleece pants, a t-shirt, and my slippers. Nope, that only inspires laziness.

Sitting at my desk sipping morning coffee can linger for hours if I don’t get dressed entirely including shoes and makeup.

Today was one of those days. I drank coffee, checked Facebook, and made a visit to Pinterest. Drank some more coffee, had some cereal and fruit. Little more coffee grabbed my kindle and read a couple of chapters.

At some point, I checked the time. Where had the morning gone? What had I accomplished? Nothing substantial.

While I am wondering where the morning went, I started thinking about how I felt. And I felt lazy and unproductive. Why? And then it dawned on me. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t plan and prepare for my day. And it’s evident to me that getting dressed first thing in the morning is how I need to start even my days at home.

Morning routine

Get up early

Wash face/brush teeth

Drink water

Get ready for the day. Shower, dress complete with shoes, make-up, and hair.


Check the day’s plans and priority to-do list

That's a successful start to a day.


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