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Twenty Quick Things You Can Declutter.

Declutter and organize.

Twenty Quick Things You Can Declutter.

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Decluttering is tough. It's sometimes hard to find the motivation. Personally, I find it is easiest to do it a little at a time. You may find that it will soon become a routine habit.

Below are twenty quick ways to get started. You will feel great when you finish. Just be sure to make sure it all goes in the trash, into recycling or donate. Get the clutter out of the house.

1. Old magazines and newspapers-There are people who still read newspapers and magazines. But once they have been read recycle them. Don't let them stack up and take up space.

2. Old greeting cards-I have a beautiful hand-painted box that I received as a gift that I keep my most treasured greeting cards. Mostly ones I received from my husband or children. The rest go to recycle.

3. Empty boxes-Thanks to Amazon boxes can accumulate rather quickly around my house. And sadly, my husband thinks we should save each and every one. Not!

4. Any toys, puzzles, or games that are missing pieces. Seriously, if they are missing parts they not of much value.

5. Keys that you have long ago forgotten what they go to. If you haven't used them in years, you probably never will.

6. Any plastic ware in your kitchen that doesn't have a lid. Or any covers that don't have a container. You know where they go.

7. Old perfume-yes perfume gets old, usually within three years. You will notice that the perfume no longer smells good.

8. Expired medications-Any medication not needed anymore or not being used should be disposed of.

9. Worn out shoes or shoes that you don't wear. I may be one of those rare women who is not all that into shoes. I have a couple of pair of dress shoes and a couple pair of Skechers, a pair of Nikes and a couple pair of flip flops. I am more about comfort than style. But I still occasionally have to get rid of a pair of slippers or a pair of worn out shoes.

10. Wire coat hangers-I prefer the plastic hangers, but my husband, for some unknown reason, will only use the wire coat hangers. That doesn't mean I will not get rid of some of those wire hangers.

11. Electrical cords and remotes-I have a basket full of various unidentified items that will be going to recycle

12. Vases-Just how many vases does anyone need? I recently removed a box full that had been stored under my kitchen sink. Keep just two or three of them.

13. Clothes that you no longer wear for whatever reason they don't fit, they are stained or you just never liked them.

14. Jewelry-I know that sounds kind of strange to be tossing away jewelry. But, we probably all have a few pair of earrings that we have somehow managed to lose one making the other one kind of useless. Take the time and get rid of them. Treat yourself to a new pair of earrings.

15. Old planners-I discovered that I have five years of old planners stacked up on a shelf in my office. I think the time has come to toss them. Maybe a quick look through them to see if there is something of importance that I need to remember or keep a record of.

16. Old throw pillows that have seen better days.

17. VHS Tapes- I am ready for a trip to the recycling center. I have a box full of VHS tapes that need to go.

18. Small appliances-Any broken toasters, blenders, coffee pots sitting around? Time to toss them.

19. The junk drawer is something I have seriously considered just emptying into the trash without even sorting it. But I guess a quick look at what all is in there wouldn't hurt. But for the most part, it appears to be old bread ties, (which I have to admit comes in handy sometimes) old batteries, take out menus and wine corks. And other miscellaneous non-essential items. So far, nothing seems to be preventing me from dumping the drawer.

20. Go through your spice cupboard. I am sure you will find spices that have been in there for years. Time to replace the ones you use and throw out the ones you don't need.

Think of the feeling of accomplishment when you have finished. Well done!


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