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Welcome To September. Sad Farewell To Summer.

Welcome To September

Ready or not, September has arrived. Summer is my season, so each year, I greet September with a feeling of sadness. Fall is looming, and we all know what comes next. Yes, Winter. And, no, I am not a fan of Winter. Winter is the season that makes me want to stay inside until it's over and gone. Sure it can be beautiful to view, preferably from the window. Okay, maybe a very brief walk breathing in the cold crisp air. And then inside to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa.

I cross my fingers and hope that our warm temperatures will continue well into the Fall. The first day of Fall is September 22nd.

I will do my best to enjoy a few of the so-called great things about Fall—at least one trip to a Cider Mill. The donuts and hot cider are good on a chilly Fall day.

I do enjoy an evening snack of sliced apples and caramel dip. And apple pies and apple cake are all great Fall treats.

I guess; basically, my favorite thing about Fall is all the apple goodies.

Everyone seems to enjoy the Fall colors. The leaves on the trees turn pretty orange and yellow colors. But the pretty leaves do not last long, and then the trees look bare and sad—just the natural progression toward Winter.

Many people look forward to fleece pants and shirts, cozy warm sweaters, and fuzzy socks. Me, I wear them out of necessity only. Give me flip-flops and capris.

I am happiest when the sun is shining. I like the long hours of daylight. But that too will be ending. Daylight savings time will end on November 7th. Light will then be fading before some of us have finished our dinner.

And then the cold and snow of Winter will arrive, and the days will seem to go on forever. Winter always seems like it is the longest of our seasons.

But it is what it is. And, I know for a fact that complaining about it will not change a thing. Fall and Winter will come with or without my approval. So, I will make the best of things.

The Things I will miss the most-

The warmer temperatures

The sunshine

The bright colors of the hanging flower baskets.

The longer days

Spending time outdoors.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

The slow, easy days

But the good news is that Fall and Winter will pass by, and before we know it, Spring will arrive, and Summer will come back in all its glory once again.

We will have all the warm temperatures and sunshine back. Life will be good once again.


Sep 01, 2021

No more sadness for you. Sharing my fall with you Cheryl :) it's my favorite time of the year, when I was younger I loved shopping for fall clothes, walking when the leaves were falling. I remember my 6th grade teacher said: "the leaves are dancing". Since then I love seeing the dancing leaves, riding my bike is exhilarating in the fall it makes me so happy, the cool breeze as you peddle, watching the bright red, ginger, and honey colored leaves blowing off the trees. Looking at the beautiful clouds in the sapphire blue sky (lapis Lazuli) as you look at the sky and pray you see the brightness of GOD'S glory. The mile path is a circle wit…

Cheryl T
Cheryl T
Sep 01, 2021
Replying to

Beautiful. You have a way with words. Thanks!

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