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You Are Never Too Old To Get Your Body Fit And Improve Your Health

You Are Never Too Old To Get Your Body Fit And Improve Your Health

"Age is no barrier, it's a limitation you put on your mind."

Jackie Joyner Kersee

We all know that aging is inevitable. But it is up to each of us on how we want to age. Getting old doesn't mean we should be afraid to keep living our life. And one of the biggest things we can do to ensure that we live a good life is to get and stay fit. And it's never too late to start an exercise routine. That's right, even if you have been a significant couch potato for the first part of your life, it's not too late. Better late than never. So get up and get moving.

Our body goes through a lot of changes as we age. We lose muscles, lose strength, and our bones shrink and weaken, leading to our balance and coordination not being as dependable as they used to be. Falls and fractures can be the result. If that is not enough reason to start an exercise routine, consider that regular exercise can help prevent heart attacks and diabetes.

Exercise can do great things for not just your body but your mental health as well. Exercise can have a positive impact on anxiety and depression. It can also improve your sleep and your memory and keep your brain sharp. Older people who exercise and remain active are less likely to need to depend on others. They will live a more independent lifestyle. An active lifestyle provides you with more energy. And inactivity causes you to be tired, with less energy.

So as you can see exercise is very beneficial to you in so many ways. There is no actual downside to starting an exercise program as long as you use common sense and, of course, check with your doctor.

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Recommended types of exercise-

Walking-No equipment required. Just lace up your shoes and start walking. Walk around your yard, walk in the park, walk alone in quiet solitude or walk with a friend or even a group. Start slow and work up to a faster pace. Start by walking around the block and gradually increase your distance. Walking strengthens your muscles, boosts your mood, fights diseases, and helps you live a longer and more productive life. Make it a part of your daily routine.

Water aerobics-a nice gentle workout in a swimming pool can improve your strength and flexibility. It also enhances your balance and can reduce the risk of heart disease. So grab your bathing suit and towel and head to the pool. Many places offer classes for seniors.

Resistance band workouts-We lose muscle strength as we age, and when we force our muscles to move against the tension of the resistance bands, we are improving our muscle strength. And we are also helping to improve our balance.

Resistance bands are light and easy to take anywhere you might like to exercise.

Dumbbell strength training-When first starting with dumbbells, you should begin with the lowest amount of weight. Then gradually start increasing the amount of weight as you progress. Try to get in at three weight training sessions a week using either dumbbells or resistance bands. Try to do three sets of 8-12 reps.

Chair yoga-You may not be limited when it comes to practicing yoga. But for many seniors, chair yoga is the best option. But, don't worry, you get the same benefits whichever way you choose. Yoga helps with pain, stress, and fatigue. Yoga can also help with balance issues and arthritis.

Not recommended for those over 65

Bench press


High-intensity interval training

Long-distance running

Squats with weights or dumbbells

Always use common sense. If in doubt, check with your physician.

Tips For Being successful with an exercise routine-

Make your daily exercise a priority.

Start slowly and work up gradually.

Find an exercise you enjoy doing. But switch things up now and then so you don't get bored.

Find yourself an exercise buddy.

Remember, it's never too late to get started and reap the benefits.

Disclaimer-I am no expert, just an older person trying to keep moving.

"Life is not merely being alive, but being well."

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