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13 Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Pamper Yourself

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

Pamper Yourself Every Chance You Get.

When was the last time you took some time to pamper yourself? Time just for yourself. Time to relax and feel the stress leaving your body. You need to do that. You deserve it.

It has been a while, hasn't it? Everyone should be taking time for themselves regularly. Even just half an hour here and there would make a difference.

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I am going to help you out. Here are thirteen suggestions for quick, easy, and inexpensive ways for you to pamper yourself.

1. Some delicious, decadent chocolate. Sit and savor it as it melts in your mouth. I hope you are enjoying this treat by reclining on the couch in your favorite pair of fuzzy warm PJ's.

2. If you have a favorite movie, how about settling in with a glass of wine and watch that movie one more time.

3. Is there something you've wanted to do for some time now?

Maybe you have wanted to connect with a friend you have not seen in a while? Set up a lunch or coffee date. Relax and enjoy catching up with what's going on.

4. Make a cup of your favorite tea and relax with that new book you've been waiting to read. Lose yourself in the story for a half hour or more.

5. If you have some nice sunny weather why not head outside. Find a sweet, comfortable spot and sit back. Close your eyes and catch some rays and listen to your favorite feel-good music.

6. Buy yourself some flowers. Beautiful flowers always make us feel good.

7. Soak in a nice hot bath with some lavender essential oil added to make you feel relaxed, and you will most likely have the added benefit of sleeping better.

8. Take a nice walk outside. You can collect your thoughts while enjoying the fresh air and maybe even a little sunshine if you're lucky.

9. If you have a journal, make a cup of tea and set down and get to writing. Organizing your thoughts can be very relaxing.

10. Some people like to do some cooking or baking to relax. That would be a win, win for everyone in your home.

11. Turn your phone off. Put it far away for a while.

12. Light a candle. Some relaxing fragrance like lavender. You even sit and enjoy both the candle and a glass of wine at the same time.

13. I can't think of a better way to treat yourself than with a dish of your favorite ice cream. Don't forget the toppings and the whipped cream.

And don't be afraid to do more than one of these suggestions in one day if you have the time. You deserve all the pampering you can get.


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