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It's That Time Of The Year-Time To Make Life Cozy

warm cozy fall scene

It's That Time Of The Year-Time To Make Life Cozy

Summer is slipping away, and fall will soon be with us—time to pack away our bathing suits and flip-flops. I'll miss the warm, sunny days; Summer is my favorite season. But I always try to find the good things about the Fall and Winter days. And most of the good stuff includes anything and everything warm and cozy. I am not a fan of cold weather. Being warm and comfortable is vital to my surviving the next two seasons.

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Tips For Making Your Home Cozy

Add some warmth to your wood floors with some rugs.

Changing to fleece sheets will provide some added warmth. And you can give yourself even more warmth with a heated mattress pad.

Place a warm throw on the foot of the bed.

Swap out your current window treatments for insulated curtains.

Change out some of your home decor for a more seasonal look. A strand of white or gold lights strung across the fireplace mantle—autumn-colored throw pillows on the couch and some artificial autumn foliage on the coffee table.

Brown, orange, and white fleece blankets or cozy knitted throws draped over the backs of your living room chairs will look warm and provide warmth as you read and watch television. Add in a few gold tones here and there. mi

The scents of the season give your home a cozy aroma. You have many options: Reed diffusers, candles, essential oils, and scented sachets. Some of the most popular fall scents are Spiced pumpkin, apple, apple cinnamon, clove, and, of course, closer to Christmas, some balsam.

Create yourself a cozy little area. A place to sit, read, journal, kick back, and relax with a comfortable chair, a small table for your coffee or wine, and a nice fleece blanket.

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Let's not forget to add some cozy to our wardrobe. After I have made up the bed with the heated mattress pad and fleece sheets, I am getting out the winter clothes and, of course, shopping to add a few new things to my wardrobe.

Must-Have Cozy clothing and accessories.

Think layers when it comes to fall attire. Vests, jackets, sweaters. Stock up on fleece, flannel, and corduroy.

Classic denim jeans are always in style. Leggings paired with an oversized bulky sweater are a comfortable and warm choice. And for extra warmth, don't forget your longjohns.

Warm, waterproof footwear can be a fashion statement, but proper footwear is also critical in the colder, wet, snowy days ahead.

Warm fleece pants and shirts are perfect for cozy evenings at home. Make yourself some hot cocoa or tea, grab a throw, and get comfortable with a good book or a movie.

My bedtime coziness includes warm, fleecy PJs, fuzzy socks, and comfy slippers.

I would love to hear about your favorite cozy favorites.


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