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7 Tips For Surviving Mondays

Surviving Mondays

So, you enjoyed your weekend. You probably slept later. Maybe spent time out with friends and had a few drinks. But whatever you did, you now have to face Monday morning. Monday morning and back to the weekly grind. It's always hard to face the reality of Monday morning.

It's especially hard if you change our whole lifestyle when the weekend rolls around. We indulge in too much food and drink. Staying up later and sleeping in late.

Let's face it surviving Monday would be easier if we took better care of yourself on the weekend. But that doesn't always work out.

Many of us manage to take care of themselves just like we do throughout the week. But Monday is still a tough pill to swallow.

To make the dreaded Mondays better, we have to plan. There are ways to make Monday less awful.

Stop thinking of Monday as the end of the world. Think of it more positively as the beginning of a brand new week. It's all in the mindset.

It's like we have been programmed to hate Mondays. It's everyone's favorite pass time to complain about Mondays.

Starting Monday off on the right foot should make Mondays and the rest of the week better.

Start planning your Monday on Friday that way you will be ready and the planning will not interfere with your weekend.

You can call your plan 'Making Monday's Fun.'

Remember Monday means you are on your way to the weekend. So instead of spending Sunday feeling down because tomorrow is Monday, remember you are heading toward your next weekend.

Here are a few suggestions for making Monday's better or at least not as bad as they have been made out to be.

1. Use your Sunday for relaxation. Get yourself organized and ready for Monday morning. Planning and being prepared makes your day go much more smoothly than just sulking about the upcoming week. And, I am guilty of some Sunday sulking.

2. Some people make plans for Friday after work. How about making plans for breakfast or lunch on Monday's?

3. Allow yourself enough time Monday morning. Your Monday will certainly not go well if you are rushing around.

4. Make Monday the day you get your favorite bagel or donut.

5. Monday can be your no-cook day. Pick up a pizza or your favorite carry-out on the way home.

6. Take a good look at your schedule for the week and work some fun things into your week. Your week should not be all about work. Try to balance work and some self-care throughout the week.

7. Do something kind for someone. It will not only brighten their day, but it will also make your day brighter as well.

Don't just focus on living for the weekends. Life is about more than living it up on the weekend. Make the most of every day.


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