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Don't Forget To Have Fun And Enjoy Your Life

Having Fun

Fun is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "Light-hearted pleasure, enjoyment, or amusement; boisterous joviality or merrymaking; entertainment."

When was the last time you had some fun? Has it been a while? Has it been so long you don't even remember it?

Life should be enjoyed; we all need more fun in our life. And did you know that fun is very good for you?

Well, it is.

"Time flies whether you're having fun or not. The choice is yours."

We have all heard repeatedly that exercise, healthy eating, and getting enough sleep are so important. But also important is having fun regularly.

"Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun."

Benefits of having fun

Fun is great for reducing stress. Our stress hormone (Cortisol) levels jump up when we're feeling stressed. But you can lower your stress level by doing some fun things.

So settling in and laughing at your favorite funny movie can be just what the doctor ordered. Or maybe a night out chatting and laughing with friends. Just have some fun and loosen up. Relax.

Better sleep is also a benefit of relaxing and having some fun. Something as enjoyable as listening to some soothing music or reading a few chapters in a book before turning in for the night can lead to more restful sound sleep.

You can even combine healthy exercise and time with friends for a double bonus of health and fun. Walking, biking, bowling, all fun things that you can do with others. A great way to spend time connecting with others and getting in some exercise.

And let's not forget that having fun can make you feel young again. No matter our age, there are some things we are just never too old to enjoy.

Socializing is good for us in many ways. Those who socialize regularly tend to live longer lives. There is also some evidence that being around others can contribute to a healthy brain and reduce the chances of dementia.

We all have different ideas and ways of having fun. Below are some ideas that pretty much everyone should enjoy.

Fun things to do

One of my favorites is going out for ice cream. Go to one of those ice cream parlors with tons of ice cream toppings, all kinds of wild ice cream flavors, and all the sprinkles and nuts you could want.

Picnic in the park. Pack a picnic lunch, swing on the swings, do a little people-watching, feed the squirrels. Maybe make a new friend.

Plan a day of garage sales and flea markets. Fun and inexpensive shopping.

Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows, and make smores. And you could sing some campfire songs.

Pop some popcorn and then jazz it up a bit.

Put in a good movie and sit back and enjoy.

Host a potluck dinner and have everyone make their favorite recipe. And bring printed copies of the recipe to share.

Pack up and go on a weekend road trip.

Spend a day baking cookies with friends. Then do a cookie swap.

Set up a weekly or monthly board game event. So many great board games to choose from.

Start a weekly card party. Learn some new card games. Years ago, I used to like to play Canasta.

Euchre is another popular game I hadn't played in years. There are so many card games you could play a new game every week.

Coloring books and puzzles are not just for children. Adult coloring books have become very popular. And jigsaw puzzles. But it's also fun to color with the kids or grandkids.

Water balloon fights are always fun for both the young and the old, probably best if the weather is nice and warm. Swimsuits are recommended, but it's an individual choice.

Meet a friend for coffee. Good conversation and good coffee. That's a great combination.

Spend some taking photos of nature.

Binge-watch the series you have wanted to see.

Check out Pinterest for some things to do.Having fun should be an essential goal for you to achieve every week. Remember having fun is good for you and your mental health. It's good for your relationships, and it's just!

"The best advice I ever received came from my mother: "Do at least one fun thing every day."

Clifford Cohen


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