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I Am Counting The Days Until Summer!

I am so very much looking forward to summer. Summertime is the best season. At least that's the way I see it. Some people love fall; some people love Christmas, for me, it's all about summer. Sunshine and longer days, what's not to like?

View of the Mackinaw Bridge from Mackinaw City. Photo courtesy of Patricia Schiller Brinker

I have fond childhood memories of our summers up in northern Michigan. My mother grew up in northern Michigan, a few miles from Mackinaw City. So our summers were spent enjoying the sun, sand, and water. Who needs an ocean when we have Lake Michigan. We had many trips back and forth across the Mighty Mackinaw Bridge. And of course, as Michiganders know Mackinaw is famous for their fudge. You could watch them as they made the renowned candy.

Another sweet treat we enjoyed, when in Mackinaw was Aunt Alice's, Caramel Corn. It was the best in Mackinaw.

And, I do have to mention all the fun time with cousins and second cousins, Lots of family in and around northern Michigan.

View of the Mackinaw Bridge from the St. Ignace side. Photo courtsy of Patricia Schiller Brinker.

So that was my little trip down memory lane.

Now on to all the essential reasons for summer to hurry and get here!

The sunshine is maybe the most enjoyable thing about summer. It feels so good to feel the heat of it beating down on you.

All the fresh fruit and vegetables. Nothing quite like fresh strawberries, and some homegrown Michigan sweet corn.

Flip-flips and feeling the sun on those pretty painted toes as you walk down the sandy beach.

Who doesn't enjoy the feel of the warm sand between your toes when you take those flip-flops off and walk barefoot on the beach.

The awesome smell of sunscreen while lounging around the pool sipping those frozen drink.

Does anyone not enjoy the aroma of a BBQ grill?

And oh the taste of grilled steaks and burgers.

And fair food. All the State and County Fairs that go on during the summer. Elephant Ears and Cotton Candy.

Ice Cream in the summer is the best hot weather treat. I mean sure, you can eat it in the winter, but then you would miss out on the messy melting of it — part of the summer tradition.

The way your face glows with a bit of tan on it. You look healthier and even feel healthier.

Sitting on the patio and enjoying your morning coffee, and feeling the sun on your face. It's all about the sun.

I am sure we all like our summer wardrobe better — shorts, capris, tank top, and t-shirts.

Picnics in the park. Grilling hot dogs and walking along the water.

Yard sales are always a fun summer past time. I like looking, but I try not to purchase anything. I already have enough things I am trying to figure out where to store.

I love spending time outside watching the lightning bugs flit around the yard in the evening dusk.

Let's face facts there are tons of reason to love summer. I couldn't possibly pick just one favorite thing about summer.

And yes, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer. I am counting down the days.

Love to hear what other's enjoy most about the summer season.


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