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I Am Going To Quit Comparing Myself To Other Bloggers

I Will No Longer Compare Myself To Other Bloggers

"Comparison is the death of joy." Mark Twain

I believe it is human nature to compare ourselves to others. I am pretty sure we have all done it a time or two. Or even more. And many times, our comparison is like 'apples and oranges.' Nothing alike. It's an unfair comparison.

Comparing ourselves to others is an excellent way to destroy our self-confidence and cause us great unhappiness.

I know this for a fact. I am guilty of comparing myself to others, and the result is confidence in myself goes way down.

I started comparing myself to others when I began my blogging journey. Even though I feel good about the progress I have made, I still find myself at times lacking in confidence. And I have had several instances when reading other blogs that I have been walloped with the idea that I can't do. I will never be good at this. All the other blogs are so so good. And on, and on.

So, then I sit there depressed. Maybe feeling a little sorry for myself. Oh, poor me. And then the next day my site views go up a bit, and of course, then my mood goes up also.

Suddenly I am thinking, of course, I can do this. Why can't I? I can work harder. I can improve my content. And I am back on track.

Well, until the time I find myself walloped by someone's excellent blog.

So, my goal now is to stop the comparison to other bloggers. Instead, I will concentrate on my own blog and the things I can do to make it better. I will no longer allow myself to belittle myself because someone else has a blog that I feel is so much better than mine.

I am going to admire and appreciate all those fantastic bloggers. I will let them inspire me to keep going. I will continue reading and enjoying them. But I will no longer compare myself to them.

There is nothing wrong with doing the best you can. That is all anyone can do. I will keep learning, and I will keep improving.

There is always going to be someone better at something than I am. And I am going to be better at certain things than others are. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I will celebrate my strengths and work on those weaknesses.

Imperfection in a particular area doesn't make you less of a person.

I will focus on what it is I am trying to achieve. Do I really want to be a carbon copy of someone else?

I am happy for the success of others. And I will celebrate each little success that I achieve.

I will remind myself of how far I have come toward my goals. I will continue to set and achieve those goals. Maybe not as fast as others achieve their goals, but at my own speed and my own ability.

I can do this!

"Don't compare your beginnings to someone else's middle."

"You're at the start of something great. Don't let another person's progress discourage you."

"Be your own cheerleader. STOP comparing yourself with others and focus on how you can become the best version of you."


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