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The Good Old Days And Some Of The Things Today's Kids Have Missed Out on.

Missing the Good Old Days. Life was good.

The Good Old Days And Some Of The Things Today's Kids Have Missed Out on.

"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them." 

 ― Andy Bernard 

As we reflect on those so-called good old days, we wonder how we all managed to navigate life. 

But you know what, we all had it pretty good. The stark contrast between our past and present highlights the simplicity and freedom we once enjoyed.  

We had adventures and some freedom.  

We didn't have car seats for the little ones or seat belts. I can still vividly recall my mom's arm shooting across me when she had to make a sudden stop. She even did it when I was older. Old habits. But the safety that today's seat belts and car seats offer has undoubtedly saved lives.

Kids rode bikes and didn't wear a helmet. And yes, they lived to tell about it.  

Remember the sheer joy of dashing through the sprinkler on those scorching summer days? The laughter, the cool water, the feeling of pure freedom. It's a sight that's become rare in today's world, a memory that still brings a smile to my face.

Back then, children could roam freely from one friend's house to another, a testament to the simplicity and freedom of our lives. It was a time when the world felt smaller, and the boundaries of our neighborhood defined our horizons. We didn't need to worry about GPS or tracking devices; we knew our way around. 

Kids didn't have to go inside to get a water bottle; they drank from the garden hose.

Kids were allowed to ride in the back of a pickup truck. And it was awesome.  

Today's kids don't know the joy of a trip to the Video Store to pick out a movie. And remember to rewind that tape and get it back on time.

We enjoyed eating our bowl of Frosted Flakes while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Saturday mornings were special, filled with anticipation and the simple joy of being a kid.


In the olden days, we needed a TV Guide to find out what shows were on and what time and channel.  

Today, we have the most used phone numbers on our phones. Back in the good old days, we wrote them in a phone book and listed them alphabetically. Then, we had to dial the phone.

We couldn't just google when we needed some information. We had to pick up a heavy book called an encyclopedia and find what we needed.

Families used to gather around the television every evening. We had some great series: Westerns, funny comedies, and variety shows. Yes, we watched television as a family. And we didn't have cable or streaming. We had a limited amount of channels to watch, and we had to wait for our favorite shows to come on at a specific time.  

Bell bottom jeans were the fashion statement of the day in the late '60s and early '70s. And, of course, the hot pants and mini skirts worn with high boots. The streets were a vibrant mix of colors and styles, a reflection of the changing times.

In the days before cell phones, conversations were face-to-face, and texting was not a thing. The luxury of a long phone cord, allowing you to pace around the room while chatting, was a real treat.  

Today's children may never experience the joy of a drive-in movie, a simple pleasure that brought families together in a unique way.   

Hardly anyone writes letters anymore. No more anxiously waiting for the mailman to see if you had a letter from your best friend or maybe a pen pal. Now, it's a call, text, or email. It's sad.  

There are very few Sunday dinners with family anymore. It seems that families mostly get together at funerals and holidays. Bring back Sunday visits with family. Let's revive the tradition of gathering around a table, sharing stories, and enjoying each other's company without the distractions of modern life.

Shopping and lunch at the mall are almost a thing of the past. Malls are no longer the place to go. We sit at home and do our shopping online. I miss the days of lunch out with friends while shopping.

Is it just me, or does life feel like everything is scheduled ahead of time in today's world? No more being spontaneous and calling a friend in the morning to make plans for that afternoon. That's not a thing anymore. Everyone has to check their calendar. We've lost the thrill of impromptu adventures, the joy of unexpected visits, and the freedom of living in the moment. Our lives have become so structured, we've forgotten how to be spontaneous.  

Paying bills meant writing a check and mailing it off, hoping it arrived on time. Heaven forbid we stood in line and paid that bill. Of course, you guessed it. Today, we schedule our bills directly from our bank account. The convenience is undeniable, but there was a certain satisfaction in the physical act of paying a bill.  

We no longer use much cash; we do everything with a plastic card.  

Kids played outside and used their imagination. They rode their bikes, played tag, and played hide-and-seek. Today, they are signed up for every sport and activity and can no longer use their imagination. They play video games and stare at computer screens in their free time. This shift in playtime activities can be attributed to the increasing emphasis on structured activities and the rise of technology in our lives. 

When the street lights came on, it was time for the kids to head home.  

Kids used to build forts out of anything they could find. Plywood, tree branches, whatever they could scrounge up.  

We got all our news from the daily newspaper or the nightly news on television. We were not constantly bombarded by everything happening in the world every minute of the day. 

I am so old that I remember spending most of my money at record stores. Does anyone else remember Harmony House? It was the good old days of vinyl records. 

And let's remember the sound of the ice cream truck. Hearing the truck's bell sent us running to ask for money for our favorite ice cream treat. The excitement, the anticipation, the joy of that simple pleasure is something that can't be replicated. 

Despite all the technology and new laws and regulations, the good old days were some of the best. Today, with all our modern conveniences, we seem busier than ever. 

"Sometimes you don't realize how good the good old days were until they're gone." — Unknown

The Good Old Days


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