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Learn Something New Every Day-Be A Lifetime Learner

Learn Something New Every Day

"If you're pursuing something that you love and you're learning something new, every day that's the key to youth. (staying young)"

No matter what your age, you should always be learning new things. Young or old, there is always something new to learn. Learning gives you new knowledge and keeps your brain sharp. The key to learning anything is to do it. Try it out.

In today's world, there are unlimited resources for learning almost anything you can imagine. You can subscribe to online classes, YouTube videos, books, podcasts, educational television, and other information sites. And It's easy to keep up with the news and stay informed.

With all the available resources, you never even have to leave your house. But, of course, there is plenty of learning to be had by leaving the house. Get out and check out some Museums, art galleries, and libraries. Explore the cities and small towns where you reside. Learn about the history of where you live.

The benefits of learning new things

The feeling of accomplishment when you have mastered a new skill or acquired knowledge on a subject you were interested in.

Learning new things builds confidence.

Learning new things can reduce stress.

You gain more perspective on a whole range of issues.

You should have no reason to be bored if you are always learning something.

The more you learn, the more you can earn.

Learning new things can lead to more opportunities opening up for you.

Continued learning could stave off dementia

You can learn something new every day.

One of the simplest ways to learn something daily is to read and read some more. Don't limit your reading to fiction. Fiction is an excellent relaxing escape from life. But the knowledge that is offered by reading some biographies, history books, politics and social science, and self-help books will not only add to your understanding of many different topics, but you will end up with some new fascinating interests.

And be sure when you are reading to look up those words you are uncertain about the meanings. And then try using that word once in a while.

When socializing, if the conversation interests you, ask questions and engage with those most involved and knowledgeable in the topic.

Get creative. You could create a personal website. Give photography a try, or take up scrapbooking—a great way to learn new skills.

Learn to crochet or knit.

Doing some crossword puzzles is a great mental exercise for your brain. It's always a great way to improve your memory. And according to researchers from the University of Michigan, it can increase your IQ by 4 points.

Spend some time in a library. Many libraries have community events posted. You may find something of interest. Also, libraries are great for quiet time. And, of course, books on any subject.

Learn a new language. Take a class or check out YouTube, and you will soon be speaking Spanish or French.

Try some new recipes. Follow some of the popular cooking shows. Maybe even create your very own recipe.

Remember all the questions you had when you were younger? Well, don't stop asking questions. You may think you know everything about certain subjects, but with a bit of digging, you will find that there are still things you can learn about almost everything.

In today's world, we always have our phones practically attached to us, so find an app that will send you a daily fact or quote.

Social media can be a great learning tool. Explore some of the many Facebook groups. There are Facebook groups on just about anything you can imagine. Blogging, cooking, games, history, health, and fitness. Or create your own Facebook group with a topic that interests you.

YouTube has videos for everything. Want to learn to speak Spanish or French, how to start a blog, Apply makeup, or maybe photography is something you want to explore? You can learn it all on YouTube.

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."

"You can learn new things at any time in your life if you are willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you."

So what do you say? Are you ready to learn something new today?

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