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My Reading-It's What I Enjoy.

Reading is always better with a cup of tea.

My Reading-It's What I Enjoy.

I love reading. I enjoyed reading from an early age. I still remember walking to the library and checking out six or seven books and then trudging back home carrying my pile of books. And trudging is not an exaggeration. I always liked the larger hardbound books. That load of books was heavy!

A few days later, I would repeat the process.

As a young teen, I read the Nancy Drew series and Trixie Belden books. I read the usual favorites of young girls then. One of my best memories is of reading the Laura Ingalls Wilders books.

I may have inherited my love of reading from my mother who still today enjoys reading. We have shared a lot of books over the years.

While I love reading, but, I am not into deep reading. Closest, I might come to something like that would be an occasional self-help type of book. Real deep, huh?

Today my preferred reading is romantic suspense. I like equal amounts of romance and suspense. Oh, and I prefer not to have six pages of sex scenes every other chapter. I read to escape into the lives of the characters. Follow them as they handle each hurdle and celebrate each victory. Who will the dastardly villain turn out to be? Will I have figured it out or will it be a total surprise to me?

Some of my favorite authors are:

Kendra Elliott

Melinda Leigh

Mary Burton

Karen Rose

Leslie Wolfe

Cynthia Eden

P.J. Daniels

I am always happy to find new authors to read. So please share with me any of your favorite suspense writers.

I'm always impressed by what other people are reading. The titles sound so utterly inspiring and meaningful.

Everyone is always talking about this book and that book: New York Time best selling authors or number one on the New York Times best-selling list.

And, me, I am sitting in my bed reading In The Night (Darkness Fall Book 1) by Melissa Sinclair, totally enjoying it too!

Suddenly, I am comparing myself to other readers.

I feel like I am lacking in some way and should I set my reading standards higher. It's like I'm reading Dr. Seuss and everyone else is reading War and Peace.

I take comfort in knowing that I am not alone in reading romantic suspense. And at the same time, I am seriously thinking of jumping out of my reading comfort zone and trying something else now and then. Any suggests?

I am going to set a goal of once a month reading maybe one classic that I have never read and should have. I am open to all suggestions.

Happy reading!

Reading options-Books or kindles?


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