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My Wish List For 2021

My Wishes for 2021

The year 2020 has to be hands down the worst year ever. Well, at least in my lifetime. And sadly, it hasn't shown much, if any, improvement as we enter the last few weeks of the year. And to be honest, at this point, I am not expecting 2021 to be much better—especially not the first couple of months. I mean, it's been a real downer, and I don't expect any magic is suddenly going to happen when we ring in the new year. But if anyone has a magic wand, please use it.

I will never accept that wearing masks, social distancing, not eating out, and canceling pretty much all our life is our new normal. Life is short, and we only live once, so I sure as hell hope that we can get back to living our lives very soon.

I hope that at some point early in '2021', we can wave good-bye to all the Covid issues.

So this year, I am making no resolutions. I have my wishes for the New Year. Resolutions you have control over for the most part. Things I want for the new year are out of my control, basically out of anyone's control at this time. So, I will wish and hope and pray for them.

My wish list

Wearing masks is no longer a thing. I want to see people smiling again.

Daily Covid-19 reports need to go—depressing news daily. No one ever comes out with any good news. Usually, someone is telling us more things we cannot do.

No more one-way grocery store aisles. For some reason, I am always going the wrong way. It's hard to change the old habit of just going up and down the aisles.

Those annoying little signs on the floor at the check-outs for social distancing sort of make you feel like you are back in grade school. They can go too. We get it. We got it a long time ago—social distance. Stay away from people.

I will not miss hearing the announcements of reminding us to wash our hands and social distance while shopping. I always get the feeling they are attempting to brainwash me.

All businesses opened up again. The little guys are suffering and losing everything.

I want to see kids playing on the playgrounds and in the parks again. Kids need to socialize. Heck, we all need to socialize.

Let me be clear; I am not making light of the Covid issue. I am aware that the Covid virus is real. I am aware that it has killed people and is continuing to kill people.

And, of course, we have to take precautions and follow all the guidelines.

I don't think anyone has not felt the effects of the Covid-19 Virus. There is not one person who's life hasn't been changed. Some of us have only been inconvenienced. Some inconvenienced more than others, of course. Some of us have lost jobs. And many have felt the devastation of losing loved ones. They say we are all in this together. But it's different for everyone.

Like many others, I am getting quite weary of the whole situation. It is starting to wear on me. And, yes, I have been one of the lucky ones. And maybe I shouldn't complain. But I don't know anyone who is not beginning to feel the strain of it all.

I think not knowing how much longer before we see the light at the end of the tunnel causes concern. Or is there even a light at the end of the tunnel?

But the lockdowns we are being subjected to have consequences also. There are always two sides to everything. In my opinion, neither side is more important than the other. They are both crucial.

Simultaneously, as we are locking things down to stop the virus, other issues have been created.

Education for all ages is suffering. At some point, when this is pandemic is over, so many of our children will be way behind.

Many medical procedures have been deemed non-essential, which means many people are not getting the necessary medical treatment. So it's not just the Covid that is killing people. Many are putting off even getting their routine check-ups because of the fear of Covid.

Depression is a significant concern right now. Many people struggle with depression at the best of times.

Families are struggling with the loss of jobs. Many are losing their businesses that they have spent years of hard work building to watch it all disappear.

I know I might be wishing for a lot. I might as well wish big, though!

All I know is I want the OLD normal back. I want no part of this so-called 'new normal.' It has hung around long enough. I hope by sometime early next year; we will have kicked the 'new normal' to the curb.

If I do make a New Years' resolution, it will be to remain positive and focus on the good things in life.

So when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, let's raise a glass to a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. And a return to our old normal. And then cross your fingers!

Good bye and good riddance to 2020.


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