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Put Your Phone Down And Take Back Your Life And Feel Better

Put Your Phone Down

How many times a day do you pick up your cell phone and mindlessly scroll through it? We all do it. It's just become a habit for so many of us. And it's not a good habit to have. Are we so afraid we might miss something vital if we set that cell phone down?

Cell phones have taken over our lives. No matter what we are doing or where we are, that cell phone is always within our reach. And heaven forbid we should forget to charge our cell phones. That becomes an emergency.

Did you ever stop to think about how rude we have all become? Have you never noticed when you are eating out that most people around you are not having a conversation with their companions? They are all looking at their phones. And even if they are talking to each other, watch how often they take a quick look at their phones. No matter where we are or what we are doing, we can't seem to stop ourselves from picking up our phones.

Our whole life does not have to be photographed by someone's phone.

Why does everyone seem to think we should pull our phones out and take pictures of every little aspect of our lives. Why? Why can't we focus on enjoying ourselves and keep those moments in our memories? Why ruin the moment by pausing to snap a bunch of photos? Does anyone really want to see a picture of the food we are eating?

It's time to stop letting cell phones control our lives. It's not healthy for us; it's not good for our relationships with our family and friends.

Good reasons to spend less time on your cell phone

Bacteria, yes, bacteria is all over your phone. You know how they say we need to wash our hands frequently? That also goes for our cell phones. How often do you thoroughly clean off your phone? Would you believe that studies show that our cell phones are ten times dirtier than a toilet seat? Gives you something to think about, huh? When you stop and think about it, our phones go everywhere with us. We grab them first thing in the morning. We have them on the breakfast and dinner table, and you know you take them in the bathroom with you. Yuck! Think about the germs that fly around every time you flush a toilet. Did you know that included in the list of germs that are likely on your phone are Streptococcus and E.Coli? And if you hand your phone to a friend, you have just passed those germs onto them.

So please wipe your phones down with some water mixed with rubbing alcohol. And use a clean microfiber cloth. And, of course, wash your hands often.

Constantly looking down at your phone will result in neck pain. They have a term for it-'tech neck'. It will start in your neck, but it will go all the way down your back.

Your eyes suffer-Too much time looking at computer screens or cell phones can cause eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, and blurry vision.

Rudeness-as mentioned above, we are rude every time we pick up our phone when we are with others.

Some things we could and should be doing instead of checking our phones.

In-person socializing: Instead of talking or texting on your phone, how about meeting up with your friend and having an actual in-person conversation. Nothing can quite compare to seeing someone in person. You can hear their laughter and enjoy the smile on their face. It's more fun!

How about just reading a book or enjoying a favorite television series. Yes, an actual book.

Try doing some stretches or yoga. You will feel better. Taking care of your body and your health should be a bigger priority than your cell phone.

Organize a closet. Donate some items to a senior center or woman's shelter.

Set some goals. Daily, weekly or monthly goals.

Just sit quietly and relax. We all need time to relax and reflect on life.

Try a new recipe.

Write a to-do list

Do something on your to-do list.

Start a blog. It could be fun, and you will learn new skills.

Plan a family get-together. Or a girl's night out


Write in a journal. Try picking up your journal when you get the urge to grab your phone.

Rearrange your furniture. It's good to mix things up a bit now and then.

Paint a room in your house.

Color in a coloring book. It's a popular thing to be doing.

Take a walk through your home, picking up things and putting them where they belong.

Do a load of laundry. And fold and put it away.

Do a crossword puzzle or even a jigsaw puzzle.

Make a bucket list. And then start working on checking things off your bucket list.

Treat yourself to a dish of your favorite ice cream.

Make plans with someone you have not connected with in a long time.

Spend some time organizing family photos.

Plan a day trip to a small town near you. Explore the shops and sights and local culture.

So are you guilty of spending too much time on your phone?


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