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Together We Can Do This. United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

Maybe we can't go to a movie or out to eat. And we can't just run into the store and get everything we need like we used to do. But honestly, it is not the end of the world.

Suck it up, people. Our long-dead ancestors are not just rolling in their graves right now. They are shaking their heads and laughing their asses off and wondering how the American people got so soft.

We are complaining about this current situation while sitting in our warm homes, with the television on while suffering the internet and eating carry-out food.

We are melting down over a so-called shortage of toilet paper. Imagine what our ancestors think about that.

Our ancestors had to grow their food and hunt for meat. We think we have it rough because we have to go through the drive-through for a burger and fries?

Back in the day, when people needed some help, they didn't have the option of the government stepping in to help them. Their neighbors instead offered a helping hand. Now, we fight our neighbors over a package of toilet paper or a bottle of hand sanitizer. Is this really what we have become?

So many seem to be thinking only of themselves when they are in the stores. Don't be greedy. Get what you need for a few days or a week. Keep in mind that others also need to get groceries. You don't need six loaves of bread or eight boxes of cereal. Maybe instead, you could be picking up groceries for an elderly neighbor. Have some compassion and concern for others. We are all in this together. Come together as a community and help each other out.

Now, I am not in any way, saying that there are not a lot of generous, compassionate people out there putting forth an effort to help their neighbors. I know many deserve a big thank you for all they are doing. But still many are sadly lacking in that area. Fear and greed have taken over thanks to the media and there constant barrage of negativity.

Just take a deep breath, calm down, and find some of that pioneer spirit that founded our great country. Find that inner strength and stay focused. Where would we be if the people that struggled and fought for this country had just sat down and given up?

This country has survived wars and yes, disease before, and we will do it again.

We can handle this together!

"United We Stand. Divided We Fall."

Together we can do this.


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