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My Random Thoughts As We Live Through The Pandemic

Life during the Pandemic

This post is just my wandering thoughts of what we are currently going through in the world.

As a result of the 'stay at home' order due to the Pandemic, our lives have suddenly turned upside down. For many of us, our daily routines have gone astray. We are now cruising or limping along with no direction.

We make that morning pot of coffee, and then sit and ponder what to do with the day that now stretches ahead of us.

At some point, we turn on the television or check social media for any updates on the virus pandemic. Which, for the most part, it's usually not an uplifting experience. But I try to look for the small glimmers of hope. I do have some faith that soon, we will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know people are working hard to find answers and solutions for us.

We struggle with those ups and downs of feeling confined. I like being home as a general rule, but being told to stay home, that seems to change the way I view it. But, for now, the only place we are allowed to go at this time is to the grocery store.

Truthfully, I like being home and will most likely make that a permanent arrangement. I've been thinking for some time now that it might be time to sort of retire and do my own thing at home. So I guess that is one permanent change in my life that came about as a result of having more time at home and doing some thinking about my life.

I do look forward to once again being able to move about in my little area of the world. I do faintly remember there are more places to go than the grocery store. My first stop might be the hair salon. And the most significant priority will be seeing my kids and grandkids again.

The uncertainty of things does begin to wear on us. But we know that it is unrealistic for us to expect an exact date and time when we can resume our normal lifestyle. And I don't believe that we will get back to what we think of as usual all at once. It will be a gradual easing into it. So we wait.

In the meantime, some of us are working out and eating healthy. And probably have lists full of accomplishments.

And there are those of us who are eating way more than we should be—sitting on the couch watching Netflix or Judge Judy. No motivation to do anything. Lost and without direction.

I am thinking a middle ground with some laziness mixed with some productivity thrown in would be just about perfect.

Some of you have children at home that you are trying your best to keep entertained. Many of you have homeschooling added to your daily schedule now too. You no longer have much time for yourself.

Maybe you are working from home instead of from an office. There are probably pros and cons to this change for you.

Your dress code has undoubtedly changed. I am guessing sweat pants and T-shirts. I sure there may be a few who are up and dressed as if they are going into work—trying their best to maintain their regular daily schedule.

And I think for many of us that would probably be the best approach to take. I never seem to be as motivated to get things done wearing a pair of sweat pants. But, I do applaud those who manage to make it work.

Of course, working from home has the drawback of being interrupted by the various other things going on in your home.

I have to say that never in my wildest imagination could I have ever imagined a time in my life that had us in lockdown in our homes and that we would be required to wear a mask on our allowed trips to the grocery store.

And then to see empty shelves in our grocery stores. How spoiled we were always to have full shelves of groceries when we shop.

Things to keep in mind during these trying times-

We will survive this. I know we have all heard those words so very many times. But have faith, we will survive.

It's probably best to avoid the news and social media as much as possible.

You are not alone. Everyone is dealing with this. I know, I know, we are getting tired of hearing that also.

Try to stay busy.

Find some projects you can work on during this 'stay at home' time. Home organization, spring cleaning, scrapbooking, or doing some crafts. Anything that will keep your mind occupied.

As a result of this Pandemic, are there changes we want to make when this is all over? Right now, we are just going from one day to the next day. And yes, most days all seem alike right now. Will we view each new day differently when our freedom to move about is back? Will we want to keep some of the new routines we have created? Or will we automatically fall back into the way life used to be?

We have so many unanswered questions at this point.

When this is all over, let's not forget the lessons we learned. I am sure that we each have different lessons we may have learned.

Some Things I have learned-

I have learned to take nothing, and I mean NOTHING for granted.

Never take for granted the time we spend with family and friends.

Never take for granted getting everything on your grocery list. We will always remember the toilet paper shortage.

Never forget that feeling of losing our freedom.

Never take for granted the monthly hair appointments. I am so missing my hair appointments. My hair is getting out of control.

No, we won't forget our experiences, but I hope they will soon be but a distant memory. And you know, I am sure we will also have some good memories of our time at home even if those good and maybe even funny memories are something as trivial as binge-watching Netflix and eating way too much.

There will probably come a time when you're back at the usual hectic everyday pace that you might think for just a brief second about those days on the couch reading or watching TV all day. You will smile and shake your head a bit, happy to be back where you belong.

I have a feeling that there will be huge family celebrations after we get the word that we can start getting our lives back on track. Just imagine how wonderful that will be. It's coming soon!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.


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