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Simple Ways To Start Saving A Little Cash

Saving money can be challenging for all of us even harder if you are living paycheck to paycheck. With a few tweaks to your daily and weekly expenses, you might be surprised how easily you can save a little cash.

Below are a few tips that should save you a bit of your hard-earned cash.

Pay off your debt. If you have a lot of debt, make your priority getting your debt paid off.

Savings-Set aside a certain amount every week to be put in a savings account. It doesn't matter how much but try to be consistent in adding to your savings account.

Make a list before you go to the store and STICK to it!

Put only those items that you have on your list into your cart. Once you have those items on your list, immediately go to the check-out—no browsing before getting to the check-out and no shopping while in the check out lane. You don't need that magazine or even that candy bar. Keep your eyes straight ahead.

Keep track of your spending. Most of us would be surprised at how much we spend if we tracked it. Keep your receipts and enter them into a little notebook. If you purchase a coffee or stop for some groceries, track it. You may found yourself shocked at how much you spend. Seeing your expenses in front of you will help you eliminate any unnecessary expenditures like the $3 cup of coffee.

Don't eat out so often. Set a limit on how often you will eat out. My and husband and I usually go out about twice a month.

Start a savings goal. Don't make it too large of an amount. Be reasonable and strive for something that will be attainable. Once you reach your first goal, increase it a bit next month. Train yourself to save. Make saving a habit even if it's only a couple of dollars.

Try no spend days. Pledge not to spend any cash or credit for a full day or even a week. We are not talking about not paying your utilities or car payment. We are referring to those little expenditures that are not essential. Skip that $3 coffee and that trip through the fast-food drive-through. Make your coffee and your lunch at home. And you will have probably saved at least $10.

Some people do no spend weeks and months. It's something to consider.

Make it a staycation this year. You can save quite a bit by giving up your usual vacation. Especially if you usually fly and spend a week or more in a hotel.

Plan out your vacation. Plan some fun daily events. But don't forget to leave some time for just plain old relaxing.

Spend a day in the park having an old fashioned picnic.

Organize a movie day and binge-watch some of your favorite old movies and a couple of new videos. Don't forget the popcorn and movie theater candy.

How about a game day. Get out the board games and let the fun begin. And how about a prize for the person who wins the most games?

Plan a whole day of outdoor activities. Pool time, or maybe slip and slide or perhaps a water gunfight. Is there a park near you that you have never visited? Maybe some trails that you need to hike? Finish off the day at your favorite ice cream parlor.

How about playing tourist in your state. I am sure there are many impressive little towns with all kinds of unique shops and attractions within easy driving distance. Google the attractions in your area.

Maybe spend one night in a super fancy hotel.

Cut down on the groceries. Yep, we are all guilty of tossing items into the shopping cart that we don't need. Never shop hungry. Stick to a list of what you need. Give up a few of those nonessential grocery items. Don't even add those nonessential items to your list. Fewer snacks will be good for your budget and your health.

Envelope saving-Is there a particular something you've wanted for a long time? Grab an envelope and write the name of the thing you want it. Maybe when you do the no spend day, you can put that coffee money in your envelope, and you're on your way to saving for that long-awaited item. Make it a habit to stick a few dollars into your envelope every chance you get. You will have saved up a few dollars here and there before you know it.

It is always so easy to pull out the debit card or the credit card. We do it without thinking. Then we wonder where all our money goes. Take a second or two and consider, do I really need this? Chances are good you can live without it.

If you do start tracking your expenses, you will soon find more little ways you can save.


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