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Ten Things I Can't Live Without!

The family- of course. Husband, kids, grandkids, mother, siblings and so on. Love my family!

Reading romantic mysteries on my Kindle Fire. Every chance, I get I am reading.

My morning coffee. Nothing better than the first cup of coffee in the morning, well there is the second and third cup. But who’s counting.

Chocolate. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

My Phone. Sadly, we all seem to be quite attached to our phones. They have become a part of life.

My glasses because I need them. I like to see where I am going.

Pens and paper-I am a list maker. I love new pens and pads of paper.

Make-up- have to have my make-up. I don’t leave home without first applying my make-up.

Ice Cream. It's a huge weakness for me. Or maybe it’s an addiction.

High-speed internet. What would we do without it?

Of course, I know my life would on just fine without most of these things. But, I am still not giving any of them up!

What about you. What can’t you live without?


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