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10 Things I Cannot Do Without

My Ten Things I Cannot Do Without-

Of course, it goes without saying that I cannot do without with my family and friends.

1. My morning coffee-You can't start a morning off without a few cups of coffee. It helps me be my sunny, pleasant self.

2. My Kindle Fire-I have had my Kindle Fire 8.9 for about four years now. I love it! As an aging avid reader, I need the ability to have a well-lit screen and the ability to increase the font size if required. I have not had any trouble with it, and it's a dream to read with and also to check social media.

I have found that so many books have light printing which makes it is hard to read.

3. My phone-It's not that I like to talk on the phone. I don't. But for keeping in touch with the family through instant messages. And of course for social media. And, I don't like to leave home without it because that will be the day I have some kind of emergency-maybe a flat tire.

4. My morning routine is vital to me. If, for some reason, my morning routine gets hijacked, it throws me completely off.

5. Incense-I noticed a friend has an incense burner and suddenly I had the urge to get one too. And I am hooked. My favorite scents are lavender, sandalwood, and naga Champa But I also like to try new scents now and then.

6. My notepads, notebooks, and planners-Yes, I am a bit obsessed with notebooks and notepads. I keep buying them. I don't know what I will do when I run out of room for all of them. That is a scary thought. Somehow I just can't let that happen. Something else will have to go.

7. My colored Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel pens-I have always liked getting new pens. But, when I purchased my first Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel pen, I was hooked. Now I pretty much only use those. I love all the great colors. I like using different colors when I am making lists and jotting down notes.

8. Chocolate-Yes, chocolate is one of my favorite obsessions. Sadly, I enjoy it too much. It's a tough habit to break. Especially when your heart is not really into breaking this particular habit.

9. Ice cream-I mean come on who doesn't need ice cream in their life. If you want to make me really happy, add some hot fudge or caramel to it, and I am blissfully happy. I can't do without my ice cream!

10. Makeup- I rarely leave the house without my makeup on. Because it's a well-known fact that you will always run into someone you know if you don't have your makeup on. I don't like being caught without my makeup on. Have to have my Revlon Colorstay.

So I don't think my list of things I can't do without are what anyone would call outrageous. I am just a simple person with simple needs.


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