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10 Things That Should Make You Happy

Ten Things That Should Make You Happy

Sometimes we forget about all the little things that help create our happiness. We let issues like a job promotion we didn't get or the car we can't afford to buy, or a friend that may have hurt your feelings bring us down. Why? There will be another job opportunity that will come around, you will eventually get a new car, and you could talk to your friend and make things right again. Appreciate all the little things that make you happy.

1. You woke up this morning, didn't you? A lot of people had plans today, but many won't get to do them. They didn't have the pleasure of getting up this morning. Keep that in mind when you get up every morning. You get another day, make the best of it.

2. If you have a place to live, that should make you happy. Think about that the next time you walk past a homeless person. Or see the homeless on the evening news.

3. If you lucky enough to have pets, take a second and think about how they love you unconditionally. They think you are the greatest thing around. That should put a smile on your face.

4. Take a look out of the window. Is the sun shining? Makes you happy when it is shinning, right? I know it doesn't shine all the time. But feel and enjoy that happiness when it does.

5. Warm weather is here. Lots of family time at the beach and BBQ's. Summer always makes me happier. Weather does influence our moods. I know a lot of people that prefer the cold. They are more comfortable in the fall and winter months. But me, it's all about summer.

6. You are the one in charge of your happiness. What are you going to do about it? You can't wait for someone or something to make you happy. The ball is in your court. Make the most of it.

7. Remember it's never too late to make a change. You have the freedom to take your life in a direction that will make you happy. Or make you even happier than you are.

8. You have people that care about you. Family and friends both. Never forget that. And never take it for granted. Family and friends can bring us happiness.

9. Morning coffee makes me happy. I am pretty sure it makes a lot of people happy. Think of how cranky and mean everyone in your workplace would be without having had their coffee.

10. All your accomplishments should make you happy. Come on, you know you've had plenty of small and significant achievements in your life. Think about it. Did you get a job? Buy a house? Start a business? Plant a garden? Did you form any lasting friendships?

Always remember we are in charge of own happiness. And I think if you try really hard, you will find lots of reasons to be happy.


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