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13 Things I Am Going To Do More Of This Summer!

A perfect day.

It seems to take so long for summer to arrive. And then it's gone in a flash. And I always think about all the things I didn't get to do as often as I wanted. And sometimes I think of things that I didn't get to do at all. And that makes me sad because it's going to a very long time before summer comes back. At least it sure seems that way. We need to make the most of our summertime days and hours.

Things I want to do more of this summer

1. More trips to the lake-I don't know how I never knew about Sterling State Park all these years. Could be because most of my lake time was up north. I am glad the kids introduced us to it though. The only state park on Lake Erie. Thirteen hundred acres of beach, boating, fishing, campgrounds and more. A beautiful place to spend a day on the water.

2. Eat more ice cream. Probably not one of my better ideas. But, I am positive I can accomplish this.

3. More sitting on the front porch with a cold drink and watching the traffic pass by.

4. Pack up a picnic and go to the park at least two or three times this summer. Just dinner in the park for two.

5. Reading outside-Find a beautiful shady area and a good book. A cold drink would come in pretty handy too.

6. Build a bonfire and roast marshmallows.

7. Get more pedicures.

8. More outside time. Just walking, or spending time with the grandkids at the park. Getting outside more is the goal.

9. More flowers in the yard. I want to get more done in the yard this year.

10. Take more pictures. Summer pictures are always nice to have to look back on during the cold and snow of winter.

11. A trip to the zoo. Every year, I say, I am going to make a trip to the Detroit Zoo. But it's been many years since the last time I was there.

12. Making sure that we do everything we have planned to do while we are on vacation. For several years now, we have planned on taking the dinner cruise down the Colorado River. But vacation ends and no dinner cruise. But this year we will set aside the time for the dinner cruise.

13. More drinks poolside while on vacation. That should be no problem.

Our vacation dates are in place. Now, I need to start thinking about where and how to fit in everything else I want to do this summer. I have to make a plan and set some goals.

Summer time is the perfect time for ice cream.


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