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18 Fun Ideas For Summer 2021

Summer fun and relaxation

18 Ideas for Summer 2021

The year 2020 was quite a year. And not exactly in a good way. We practically started the new year off with the COVID virus, which led us to months of basically being locked down at home.

And then we went into protests and unrest in the country.

But the good news is that we are no longer locked down. With our regular events and activities canceled last year, we are raring to go this year. Yay, 2021. Fingers crossed, it will be a great summer.

18 Ideas for summer 2021

1. Summer picnics with family and friends. Explore some new parks. Enjoy some hot dogs and watermelon.

2. Walk barefoot on the beach a few times. I am sure; I am not the only one who likes the feel of sand between my toes. Walking barefoot in the sand is one of my favorite things about summer. I find it to be very calming.

3.Do some swimming. The cold water always feels good on a hot day. Not to mention, it's excellent exercise.

4. Sit around a bonfire and make some S'mores.

5. Take some time away from the internet and social media. And stay away from the news! You will feel much better and more relaxed.

6. Check out a couple of nearby small towns that you have never visited. I have always thought that I would like to live in a small town. You know the kind. Everyone knows each other, and the older folks (I am one of those older people) would be meeting at the local Tim Hortons every morning for coffee and muffins.

A small quaint little town. Maybe with some great history to share. And small towns always seem to have some great little shops and bakeries.

7. Miniature golf can be a fun activity for the family.

8. Drive-in movies are back. So grab some snacks and pack up the car and see a movie.

9. Find a quiet spot on a beach and settle in for some reading.

10. Host a back yard party. You can make it even better by having a theme for your backyard party.

11. Ice cream is always right. Try some ice cream parlors you've never visited before. Or have your own ice cream social at home. Let everyone make their own sundaes.

12. Make fresh, squeezed lemonade.

13. Build sandcastles. We're never too old for that.

14. Beat the heat and sit inside and do a jigsaw puzzle.

15. You are never too old for a water balloon fight with the younger generation.

16. Have a movie marathon day. Everyone gets to choose a movie. And don't forget the popcorn.

17. When was the last time you played horseshoes?

18. Set up a volleyball net and form a couple of teams. The losing team pays for pizza.

This summer, most of us can take in the State Fairs, Amusements parks, Water parks, and carnivals. So enjoy the water, the rides, and the games. And don't forget the cotton candy.

Enjoy the carnivals and fairs.


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