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28 Life Lessons We Learn As We Age

Life Lessons

Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. Helen Keller

If only we could learn all the lessons life teaches us when we are still young. We could cruise through life. But that is not the way life goes. We seem to learn most life lessons the hard way. And hopefully, we learn from them, so we don't repeat them.

1. Life is not fair. That is one lesson we all probably learn pretty early in life. And the older we get, the more we realize how true that is.

2. There is always a consequence. Think before you jump into something. Consider what the result may be. For every action, there is a consequence.

3. Never take anything for granted. There are no sure things in life. Life comes with many changes.

4. Money is not the answer to everything. Sure, you can buy things like a home and fancy cars, but money can not buy the essentials like love and health.

5. Don't stay in your comfort zone all your life. To truly experience life, you will need to explore new things. Take a few risks. Make new friends. Keep growing and learning. Live your life to the fullest.

6. Nothing stays the same. Change is inevitable. Good or bad, we have to deal with the changes.

7. Your life can change in an instant. Your whole life can indeed be altered without warning.

8. Pace Yourself. Life is meant to be savored; don't rush things.

9. You don't always get what you want. How many times did your parents tell you that when you were growing up? Guess what? It's still true as an adult.

10. People change. Of course, we all change. We all learn, grow and experience new things that impact our lives and change us. Change can be very good for us. But some people change for the worse. Not everyone's experiences are good, or maybe their choices were not good. Change is inevitable.

11. Never give up. If something is worth having, it's worth working for, and It's worth your time. Just stay the course.

12. You have to learn to forgive. You must forgive not for the other person but for yourself to move on. Don't hold onto the hurt and anger.

13. Don't compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others only results in destroying your self-esteem and unhappiness. We are all unique. No two are alike. Just be yourself and be the best version possible.

14. We should learn from our mistakes. Look at your mistakes as learning opportunities. No one becomes successful without learning from previous mistakes. Keep in my mind that mistakes are a part of life.

15. Nothing is free. We pay for everything in life but not always with money. We pay with our hard work, our sacrifices, and our time.

16. Habits are vital to being successful. Just like your morning habits lead you through your morning, habits are what will lead you to success. Make to-do lists daily, be an early riser, be organized, and stay positive. Create those habits that you know can help you achieve your desired success.

17. Make exercise a priority. Don't wait to take care of yourself. You will regret not exercising and eating well later in life.

18. Don't strive for perfection. Is anything or anyone perfect? The answer is no. Instead, it would be best if you aspired to do your best. That's all anyone can do.

19. Complaining never helps anything. For most of us, complaining doesn't accomplish anything but a feeling of frustration and stress. So instead of complaining, try focusing on what you can do to fix the issue you are struggling with. Find some options that will work.

20. No one likes a snob. So be sure not to become a snob. We all know someone who looks down on others. They think they are better than everyone else. They believe they are more intelligent, beautiful, or affluent.

21. Memories are more important than those sentimental items we hang onto. Journaling can give you a record of your memories and thoughts.

22. Not everyone is going to like you. So what? I am pretty sure none of us like everyone we meet.

23. You will learn more from your failures than from your successes. You understand what doesn't work for you when you fail, and you can make the necessary adjustments next time.

24. You have to plan for success. It's not going to walk up and tap you on the shoulder. It would help if you had a plan. What do you want out of life? Make a plan, and set some goals.

25. Never stop learning. There are so many reasons why we should keep learning. We will be happier; we will keep our brains sharp, and we will learn new skills. And also improves our creativity and, yes, even our job skills.

26. Honesty is always the best policy. Honesty is a sign of integrity. Honesty also leads to other good qualities like truthfulness, kindness, and empathy.

27. Don't sweat the small stuff. Don't allow minor daily inconveniences to derail your day or your life. If you spill your coffee, wipe it up, pour another cup, and move on.

If you forgot to pay a bill, calm down and pay it now. Life is too damn short to worry about little things that tomorrow or next week will no longer matter.

28. Always listen to your inner voice. Your inner voice is usually responding to your current situation or thoughts. And if you let it, it will usually guide you to doing what is best for you. Remember, your inner voice knows you very well.


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