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Changing your life with 30-day challenges.

Changing your life with 30-day challenges.

Do you have some goals you would like to reach? Maybe some new habits you would like to create in your daily life. Perhaps you need to readjust a few bad habits.

A 30-day challenge might be the way to accomplish those things. You can do 30-day challenges for almost anything. Not only are you challenging yourself, but you might find it to be sort of fun and rewarding in the end.

Some ideas for 30-day challenges

Challenge yourself to walk every day. Track your progress.

Challenge yourself to read more. How many books can you read in a month? Maybe a goal of trying something different from your usual reading choices.

Challenge yourself to eat a healthy diet. Keep a log of what you are eating.

Challenge yourself to write down your daily thoughts and activities. Journaling your everyday life can be an interesting read when you look back later.

Challenge yourself to become an early morning person. You may find there are lots of benefits to getting up earlier.

Challenge yourself to 30 days of decluttering your home. Think how nice it will be to be when you are clutter-free. And I bet in 30 days you can get rid of most of it — what a great accomplishment.

Challenge yourself to start a new hobby or learn a new skill of some kind. Is there something you have always wanted to do. Now is the time. Make a 30-day challenge out of it. Take a chance and step out of your comfort zone.

Challenge yourself to a month of random acts of kindness. Think about how good you are going to feel all month. And think what it will mean to all of those on the receiving end of your kindness.

Challenge yourself to spend less and save more. Keep a record of your spending and saving for a month. Put a limit on your spending and set a goal for your savings. And the end of the challenge you might very well be a bit richer.

Do a 30 day be kind to yourself challenge.

If your goal is to lead a healthier lifestyle, make each month of the year, different healthy habits.

Twelve months of 30-day challenges all focused on living a healthy lifestyle.

Your twelve months could like this:

January-Adding fruit & Vegetables to your diet

February-Drinking your water

March-Trying Yoga for a month

April-Getting in some sort of exercise every day

May-Weight training

June-Healthy breakfasts

July-Meal planning

August-Add in whole grains

September-Eliminating stress.

October-Limiting your salt and sugar

November-Find sneaky ways to add exercise to your day.

December-Challenge yourself to find the positive in each day.

Think of all the positive changes that 12 months of healthy living challenges can bring you. You will be a new healthier, more fit person.

Maybe your goal for 2020 is to try new things. New hobbies, take a class or perhaps join some groups to meet new people.

So 12 months of new things to try for the year could be a good challenge for you.

If 30-day challenges are something you think might be for you, grab a notebook or planner and write down your goal.

Then enjoy the feeling of success as you track your results for the thirty days. You can do this!

Have you done any 30-day challenges? What were your results?


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