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16 Healthy Habits For A Better Life

Creating healthy habits

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We should all strive to live the best life we can. As we age, it seems to be more of a priority for some of us. We don't want to find ourselves unable to live our life to the fullest as we get older.

The key to living a healthier lifestyle has to start with some motivation. For me, just wanting to age as well as possible is my motivation. And feeling good.

And who doesn't want to feel good?

Surprisingly it is not that hard to add some quick and painless habits to your day that can add up to significant benefits to your health. Work your healthy habits into your day gradually.

1. Drink your coffee black-I started drinking my coffee black many many years ago. No regrets. I have never used any of those flavored creamers for my coffee. For some reason, they don't appeal to me. I usually only drink coffee in the morning, but I do drink several cups each morning.

2. Make an effort to consume less sugar-This requires a motivated and positive mindset. But it gets easier over time.

3. Add protein to your diet-

Protein is essential to every part of your body.

Some foods that are high in protein include Eggs, Broccoli, almonds, milk, and chicken breast.

4. Add more fiber to your diet-

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, popcorn, and a fiber supplement will help against constipation, helps lower your lower cholesterol levels, as well as reducing your risks of diabetes and heart disease. Recommendations are that men consume around 38 grams of fiber, and women require at least 25 grams.

5. Include whole-grain foods in your daily diet-Some of the best choices are rice, corn, oats, and quinoa.

6. Include some fish in your menu or add a fish oil supplement

Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

7. Keep track of how many calories you consume-

8. Drink your water-I am not one of those who find it easy to drink even close to the required amount of water. But I keep on trying.

9. Keep healthy snacks available-Keep some healthy snacks in your purse, in your car, and desk. Be prepared for those moments you need a little something. Some fruit, nuts, or protein bars are handy snacks.

10. Take a daily walk-Try to get at least 3,000-4,000 steps in daily. Even better if you can aim for 10,000.

11. Get in some weight training several times a week. Even a little will make a difference. While you are watching television, pick up some light weights, and do some bicep curls. Work some squats and leg lifts and push-ups into your television routine.

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

12. Take time for fun and relaxation-Just chill with a good book, watch a good movie, take a nap.

13. Do some stretching-Check out some youtube videos and find a stretching video that will help you start your morning off.

14. If you smoke-QUIT!

15. Work on keeping a positive mindset-Always focus on the good things in your life. Keep a good sense of humor at all times. Keep company with those who have a positive outlook on life.

16. Stay active socially. Get up and out and do things. Find a walking partner and chat it up while you are getting in your steps. Make a weekly lunch date. Take a class. Find something that keeps you interested and learning. Just stay active.

If you can make these healthy habits, part of your daily life, you will be going in the right direction toward a healthy lifestyle. And it's not painful at all. It's at least worth a try.


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