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Eight Easy Ways To Challenge Yourself

Eight Easy Ways To Challenge Yourself.

1. Learn something new. Maybe learn to knit, take up photography, learn to speak a new language. I am sure there is something you have always wanted to do. So go for it.

2. Start working on creating a healthier lifestyle. Cut out the sugary foods and take up walking daily. Your body will appreciate it.

3. Try a new hairstyle-Make an appointment at a hair salon. Try a new color or some highlights in your hair. Maybe go with a shorter look. Change things up.

4. Volunteer-Give a few hours now and then to an animal shelter, or a soup kitchen. There are plenty of places in your community that would welcome your help. You will be helping others and making yourself feel good at the same time. It's a win-win.

5. Make a habit of doing some random acts of kindness. Shovel a neighbors sidewalk, surprise someone with flowers or give them a smile and a warm greeting. You have the power to make someone's day a little better just by showing some kindness.

6 Try spending less money. Find little ways to save a few dollars. Maybe give up the morning trip to the coffee shop or pack your lunch a couple of times a week. Take the money you saved and put it aside for a rainy day. Or treat yourself to a weekend away. You will be surprised how quickly your little savings will add up.

7. Worry less. Most of us worry about things we have no control over. And when was the last time worrying helped? Most likely, never.

8. Smile more. You will look more attractive. And did you know that smiling can also boost your mood and your immune system? Well, it can. And don't forget smiles are contagious.

So spread that smile of yours around.

I have a feeling that if you follow through on some of the challenges I have posed to you, you will find yourself happier in the new year.


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