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Feeling Grateful

No matter who you are or what you've been through, we all have something in our life to be grateful for. Just the fact that we woke up this morning should make us all thankful.

Yeah, a lot of people are talking about gratitude, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon too. I think it's something important to focus on.

We are starting a new year, and I have set a goal of remembering all I have in my life to be thankful for on a daily basis.

I take many things in my day to day life for granted. I never stop to think about how lucky I am. I spend more time complaining about minor inconveniences and daily irritations when I should be thinking about all that is good in my life.

You know, those days that seem to start poorly and then quickly go downhill from there. They mean nothing when you compare to all those completely awesome days we have.

If you are stuck in traffic and you feel your patience running low pick a couple of things you have in your life that makes you happy and instead focus on them.

It would benefit all of us if on those days we are feeling down or think life is unfair, we counted all the many reasons we have to be grateful. When you start counting, you will probably be amazed at the list you will have.

So let's quit being so rushed and annoyed all the time and concentrate on what we have to be grateful for. We will all be a lot happier with a positive, grateful daily attitude.

I made a list of the things I am grateful for it was pretty long, so I condensed it down for this post.

My family of course! Great husband, three kids, three grandkids. And a brother and sister and an awesome mom.

I have a home. Nothing fancy, but my it's my home. The house, we raised our kids in — a home filled with memories.

I enjoy good health. Very grateful for that.

And I am thankful for the little things:

My morning cups of coffee

A warm sunny day

My vacation to Laughlin Nevada every summer. ( speaking of warm days)

Laughing with friends.

Books and especially books on kindle. Love reading romantic suspense.

Music-love the classic rock.

The internet

And I could go on and on. But, I think you get the idea. So instead of complaining about what we don't have let's be thankful for all the beautiful things we do have. Let's smile more and frown less. Life is short, focus on the positive.


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