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Getting To Know A Little More About Cheryl

Just some more not so important facts about me

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, a very long time ago.

I was born on June 21st the first day of summer.

My husband and I were both born at the same hospital just months apart.

I have lived most of my life in Michigan.

I am married. I have three children and three grandchildren.

I spent some time in Kansas and then Germany when my husband was in the military.

I have an awesome mom who is going to be ninety in April. I wish I could be even as remotely strong and amazing as my mom. We have always been able to depend on mom. What can I say, she is one heck of a good mom.

My dad died much too young at the age of 44. I Will always miss him.

I have two siblings—a younger sister and brother.

I have a good sense of humor — a bit on the sarcastic side, though.

My favorite season is summer. I am not impressed much by the other three seasons. But spring has the responsibility of ushering in summer. So spring has something going for it. I am most definitely not a winter person. Give me sunshine and hot temperatures.

I am over-fond of junk food. I am working on it. I have to remind myself-everything in moderation.

I like dogs and cats equally. At present, we have one dog (Willy and two cats (Binx and Baxter).

I love reading—romance, mystery, suspense, and, of course, romantic suspense.

I love to watch true crime shows like Forensic Files—almost anything on the Discovery ID channel. And I also like to watch HGTV.

My favorite game is Yatzhee. But I like to play the whole sheet, not one game at a time.

My favorite music-Classic Rock! And some Country.

My zodiac sign is Gemini.

I love coffee. I am not sure I could start my day without it.

I like sweet red wine and Malibu rum and coke.

I am a morning person. I am usually up and ready to go at 5:00-5:30 am.

I have two tattoos.

My first concert was The Beatles. Yep, I am old!

I love to spend time in Nevada and Arizona.

I love to play slot machines. Maybe that is part of the reason I love to spend time in Arizona and Nevada? But we do have casinos here in Michigan. But somehow it's just not the same. But I do still like to go once in a while to one of the Michigan Casinos.

I also like the sun and hot temperatures of Arizona and Nevada.

When I was much younger, I wanted to be a teacher. I think it was probably best that I didn't become a teacher.

My first job was working in Angelo's Pizza place.

I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to buying pens, notepads, and notebooks. I had to get more storage drawers to put them all in. And just thinking about it now has me wanting to make a trip to T.J.MAXX. They always have a ton of notebooks, planners, and notepads.

I prefer a desktop computer. Phones and tablets are okay to check things out now and then. But I do prefer working on my Desktop.

It's tough to come up with things to say about myself. Sorry, I couldn't come with more exciting things to tell you about myself.

Maybe my next post about myself, I could come up with a list of exciting things that I would like to be able to claim as my own. I could use my imagination for that.

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26 feb 2020

Yes, you do have the neatest Mother ever!! I love sketchpads too. I get them and just like having them around. Never was good at sketching in them. Maybe someday.

Me gusta
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