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The Small Things-Random of Acts of Kindness.

With Christmas, just weeks away now would be the time to do some random acts of kindness. We have all been on the receiving end of some chance act of kindness.

Do you remember the warm feeling you had when it happened? I bet it felt good. And so now during the holiday season wouldn't it be a good time make someone else enjoy that warm feeling?

Here are a few suggestions for doing just that.

Drop off canned goods at a food bank. Donations are needed especially this time of year.

Give a generous tip to your server when dining out. The extra money will be certainly be appreciated.

Smile and say hello to everyone you see today.

Pay for the person behind you in line today.

Donate, donate, donate. I am giving to all the Salvation Army kettles that I see this holiday season.

Pay someone a compliment. It might just make someone's day.

Leave a secret gift for someone. Everyone loves a surprise gift.

Leave something for the mailman.


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