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It's Almost Christmas

Let the Christmas Fun Begin

So a few of my rambling thoughts this morning.

Thanksgiving is over, and now we are officially on to all the Christmas excitement. I am sure many of us consider all the planning and preparations to be a big part of the fun of Christmas. I feel that way.

But even better is that feeling of accomplishment when you reach the point where you realize you did it! The shopping is complete. And the gifts are all wrapped.

I don't put up my tree until December. So, I will be doing that, maybe next week. Decorating for Christmas is one of the best parts of Christmas. And strangely, I feel almost the same when it's time to put away all the Christmas things. It's over for another year, and we're starting a brand new year.

And in this new year I think that I may journal my days. I think it would be so interesting to look back a year later and read about all that I did and thought in 2021

Now, off to wrap a couple of gifts.


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