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Just A Rant-House Hunters

My totally useless, silly rant.

I used to watch a lot of the House shows on HGTV.

House Hunters is my favorite of the house shows.

If you are not familiar with the show House Hunters, it features a couple or a family or a single individual searching for a house. A realtor takes them around to three different homes, and at the end of the show, they choose the one they will buy.

Of course, the poor realtor usually has to deal with a wife and husband who are not at all on the same page as to what they are looking for in a house. Sometimes you have one of them that wants a fixer-upper, and the other wants a move in ready home. They have entirely different views on what they are looking for in a home. I sometimes feel sorry for the realtor. But the realtor always keeps it together.

I love looking at all the houses. That's the best part.

I sort of hold my breath to waiting to see if they chose the one I had picked.

But, seriously am I the only that wants to scream at the some of the couples who are looking at the houses?

They love the yard; the location is excellent. Everything is perfect about the house. Except they don't like the colors, on the walls, and the stairs are a concern because of their young children. I have heard these comments many many times, not just once.

Okay, so paint the rooms the damn color you want them to be. And the stairs? Seriously, just how long do you think it will take your children to get the hang of the stairs? They are not going to be two forever. Are kids not being taught how to navigate stairs carefully anymore? You are not going to buy a house because your child is two?

And one more pet peeve. What is up with some of those wives? Wow. Her way or the highway. Some of them don't want to budge an inch on the things they want.

I just had to rant to someone. Thanks for listening or I guess that should be thanks for reading. Sorry for the silly little post.

Despite my peeves about some of the couples, I do like watching House Hunters.


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