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My Kindle Reads

My Kindle Reading

This post does contain an affiliate link in it. As an Amazon Affiliate I earn a commission if an item is purchased.

I have always been an avid reader. When I was still working, I would be reading as I was eating my lunch. I read any chance I get during the day and usually a little before I go to bed.

I remember many times I was asked, 'wouldn't I like a kindle.' And I would always reply no I like the feel of a book.

I eventually did change my mind. I love to read, but I am not a collector of books. I rarely read a book twice. Even though my mom and I would share books, I always seemed to be overloaded with stacks of books. So when I did get a kindle, I passed all the boxes of books I had onto the wife of one of my husband's co-workers. She was happy, and I was pleased. It was a win-win.

But even better than no longer having to deal with stacks of books, I love reading on a kindle. The lighting is excellent, and also being able to choose a font size is fantastic. I was starting to have problems reading some of the books. The print would be too small, and sometimes the print was quite faint.

But now, I am a huge fan of kindle reading.

I signed up for Kindle Unlimited, and a lot of time, those are the books I read. I find that Kindle unlimited has a good selection of books for my reading tastes. $9.99 a month to borrow books. And you can have up to ten titles at one time. I love it!

I do purchase quite a few books too. But using Kindle Unlimited is perfect for the budget.

I recently purchased the All-New Kindle with the built-in front light. It's small and very light. It measures about 4x6. It is strictly for reading — no games, no email, etc. And I love it. It is so easy to carry with you. And you can read outside in the sun with it.

My reading preferences are romance and mystery. And it's total perfection if it's a romance with some suspense.

In the last month or so, I have read the following-

The Yard Rose by Carolyn Brown-Glory Flowers fell in love with Quaid Matthews at seven years old, and twenty years later, he is back in town.

The Family Journal by Carolyn Brown-Life changes when Lily Anderson moves her somewhat rebellious children to Comfort, Texas.

I have read a lot of Carolyn Brown's books, and I have enjoyed them at all. She writes some good cowboy romance, historical romance, and plain old feel-good romance — pleasant, easy reading.

She has won awards and is a best-selling author. I highly recommend her books.

Under Currents by Nora Roberts-Things are not always what they seem. That perfect family may not be so perfect, after all.

What can I say? What is there not to like about Nora Roberts? I have to admit though it had been a long time since I read one of her books. Then I happened on Under Currents a couple of weeks ago. And, let me say I am so glad I did. It kept me reading. I hated to have to put it down.

Currently on my reading list-

Met Her Match by Jude Deveraux

The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley Book 1) by Devney Perry. Devney Perry will be a new author for me.

I am looking forward to reading the series by Deveny Perry; the author does have pretty good reviews.

I would love recommendations from other readers. Who are your favorite authors and favorite genre? I am always looking for new authors to try.

Relax and enjoy some reading.


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