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My Plan For Surviving Winter

My Plan For Surviving Winter

How on earth can the first day of winter be December 21st? The calendar may say Fall, but, seriously, it's winter now. Fall quickly turned into winter. I never spent too much time thinking about when the first day of winter was. But, I thought it would be much earlier. But no, it's four days before Christmas. How did I not know that? Well, I probably knew it at some point but just plain forgot it.

I find very little enjoyment in winter. I don't like being cold, and then when you add in the snow and ice, it's like HELL NO!

And yes, there is some beauty in the cold white stuff glistening on the trees. I look at it through my front window while drinking a cup of hot chocolate. That is about the extent of my winter enjoyment.

I am working on a list of things to keep me busy and my mind off the cold weather.

I started with ordering myself three new warm winter tops and two pairs of fuzzy socks from Kohl's made by Cuddle Duds. Love their stuff. I also bought a new set of Cuddle Dud fleece sheets. Very cozy.

So I am working on the staying warm part of winter.

I am working on compiling a list of books for my winter reading pleasure. My favorite reading choice is romantic suspense. And crime thrillers. Yep, not everyone's choice, but it's mine.

So far, my list includes:

Cut and Run-Mary Burton

Cold Dark Places-Kylie Brant

Break The Silence-D.K Hood this is book 7 in Detective Kane and Alton series

The Empty Nesters-Carolyn Brown

Luck Of The Draw (Sterling Montana) B.J. Daniels

Monster in the closet-Karen Rose

Heart Of The Storm-Mary Burton

Life of Lies-Sharon Sala

Between Good & Evil Victor Loshak book 1-L.T Vargas & Tim McBain

Hiding in Park City(The Searchers book 1)-Rae Ann Thayne

The Shop On Main Street-Carolyn Brown

My list will continue to grow. I am a fast reader and even faster when the book has me hooked.

I am trying to shake things up a bit and get doing things I haven't ever done or haven't done in a long while.

I have set a goal of watching at least three or four Christmas movies that I have never seen before.

My list includes:

It's A Wonderful Life

Miracle on 34th Street

White Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas-This one I have seen, but it's been years.

And of course, I will rewatch a few of my favorite Christmas movies.

Christmas Vacation. It never gets old.

Home Alone

A Christmas Story

Christmas With The Kranks

And all movies will be viewed while indulging in hot buttered popcorn. I will be wearing my warm fuzzy socks, and I can almost guarantee a fire in the fireplace.

Another winter goal is to get out and go to a movie. I can't remember the last time we went to a movie. I am looking forward to seeing what 2020 has to offer for my viewing pleasure. None of the movies lately have given me any motivation to go to the movie theater.

And I plan on watching a few movies and maybe a couple of series on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Which means I will give up some of my Forsenic Files and Discovery ID time. Which I am sure would be a good thing.

Of course, I will always be stocked up on hot chocolate — the good stuff. And I will need several cans of that spray whipped cream on hand. So good in hot chocolate.

My favorite hot chocolates are Ghiradelli and Kroger brand Private Selection.

You will notice that my list of things to do this winter ignores the usual winter type activities like skating and skiing and snowmobiling. Those things require being out in the snow and cold. I'll pass on that.

Now, I do love the whole Christmas experience. An just an inch or so of snow makes it look more like Christmas. But an inch or two is all I need of snow. And I would much prefer that the snow not be coming down from the sky when we are driving to Christmas dinner. We have made several treacherous journeys on Christmas in the past. Never a fun time.

I have been doing some Christmas shopping online. That always makes me feel a bit lazy. But the thought of wandering through the stores with my list in hand is not one bit appealing. And since I am trying to cut my spending, walking around a mall might not be the best idea.

And we all know that after Christmas, the winter drags on.

When I started writing this post a couple of days ago, I never imagined that we would get hit with an all-day snowstorm on November 11th. Very early. And today, we have schools closed. So here, I am already feeling the effects of winter.

I am taking a snow day. I have started a book, and I am ready.

I would love to hear about the things you like about winter.


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