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Cheryl's Casual Chatter

Now More Than Ever We Need To Be Grateful For What We Have.

Our lives have changed but we still have those things we should be grateful for.

Suddenly our lives have changed. None of us ever imagined the day would come when we would be required to stay in our homes. And never in our wildest imagination would we have envisioned a world where people would suddenly start hoarding toilet paper. But here we are. The Coronavirus has dramatically turned our world upside down. There are more new cases reported every day. The death toll goes up each day. Our world and our lives have changed in ways we could never have imagined. And there is so much uncertainty-how long will this last-when will our lives get back to normal. Will our lives ever get back to normal? Will we get the virus? Will one of our loved ones get the virus. So much worry and uncertainty in our lives now. It can be very stressful. Grocery shopping has become somewhat of a scavenger hunt. I no longer make much of a grocery list. It has become a wait and see what the store has on the shelves kind of shopping. Paper products are certainly in short supply. Maybe everyone could purchase just enough for a week or so. Try to think of others' needs. You are not the only one who is trying to get by right now. Show some kindness to others. Do you need to grab four packages of anything? So how many times a day do you think we hear the words 'wash your hands' or "social distancing'? All of these precautions we have to take kind of make me nervous, just going out for the essentials we need. I am one of those people that always talk to the people around me in the stores. It's a habit, and I am still doing it. Then later, I am thinking, could I have been too close to that person? I do have to believe that our lives will go back to our usual normal. How long before that happens? Your guess is as good as mine. I am hoping it will not be longer than a month or so. In the meantime, let's remember there are a lot of things in our lives more important than toilet paper and empty shelves in the grocery store. Not that it wouldn't be nice to be sure that we can get these things when we need them. Let's face it empty shelves in the stores are depressing. But we need to remember all the things we have to be grateful for. Below is my list- I have my husband. I can keep in touch by phone or the internet with friends and family. I still have my health. I have my home I have food and water. I can enjoy sitting on my porch. I can enjoy a walk around our yard. If the sun is shining, I can savor the feel of the sun on my face. I can forget any troubles for a bit by reading a good book or watching a movie. I still have my sense of humor. Laughing is good for us. I still enjoy a hot shower. We all still have our good memories. Take a few minutes to remember the good times. And also, keep in mind that the good times will soon return. The stores have not run out of chocolate or ice cream. I still have my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. And I am pretty sure we all have the essential all-important toilet paper. Our life is still good. It's just a little different, and yes, a little scary. But we will survive!

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